Accellos Announces Compatibility with Microsoft Dynamics® GP 2013

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Accellos Announces Compatibility with Microsoft Dynamics® GP 2013

Accellos warehouse, manufacturing, shipping and EDI products updated to leverage new features and integrate with GP 2013


COLORADO SPRINGS, Colorado – February 4, 2013Accellos, a leading provider of supply chain execution software solutions, is pleased to announce the latest release of AccellosOne Collect and AccellosOne EDI for Microsoft Dynamics® GP.  The new versions leverage features and ensure compatibility with Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013.


AccellosOne Collect is designed specifically for companies running Microsoft Dynamics GP and enables distributors and manufacturers to automate their warehouse and manufacturing processes, while providing the tools to effectively keep track of your inventory in real-time. Through wireless technology, Collect for Microsoft Dynamics GP integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Dynamics GP, by gathering data at its origin and entering it in real-time into the ERP.  Information is gathered through simple user prompts on RF hand-held scanners, and processed through Microsoft Dynamics GP, following all of its business rules.  AccellosOne Collect for Microsoft Dynamics GP connects, collects, and controls every aspect of the Microsoft Dynamics GP receiving, order fulfillment manufacturing, and inventory control functions.


The latest release of Collect for Microsoft Dynamics GP includes:


  • Support new Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 features including reason codes, bin transfer history, inactive items at a site and purchase order tolerance
  • Enhanced order allocation and order allocation postponement routines
  • New configuration options that allow customers to personalize hand-held screens
  • Improved performance for fulfilling invoices with a large number of items



AccellosOne EDI for Dynamics GP is a comprehensive, embedded system for processing EDI transactions inside of Microsoft Dynamics GP Sales Order and Purchase Order Processing modules. It helps streamline and manage EDI workflow allowing employees to process orders efficiently and with greater accuracy.  AccellosOne EDI for Dynamics GP includes a library of over 1,000 trading partner kits to streamline implementation.  Trading partner kits contain standard templates for all documents required by trading partners.


The latest release of EDI for Microsoft Dynamics GP includes:


  • Support for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013
  • Remote warehouse inventory transfer integration transactions (943, 944) were enhanced to include lot tracking capability and may now be executed automatically
  • Sales order processing was enhanced allowing workflow to be automated
  • Purchase order processing was enhanced to support automated workflow and packing of mixed lot shipments


“We are pleased to announce new releases of our warehouse, manufacturing, EDI and shipping products that are compatible with GP 2013,” said Ross Elliott, EVP and Chief Technology Officer of Accellos.  “Our tight integration and understanding of GP allows our customers to have seamless integration across GP and Accellos supply chain solutions.”


It is recommended that you consult your Dynamics partner as well as the Accellos support group before upgrading.  To learn more about Dynamics GP 2013, follow this link

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