Accellos Announces Accellos One Nexus

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B2B document gateway provides unified document exchange for supply chain partner community and delivers unrivaled transaction visibility and control

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colorado – December 1, 2010 – Accellos, a leading provider of supply chain execution software solutions, today announced Accellos One Nexus, a B2B gateway product used for exchanging and managing electronic business documents with critical supply chain partners.

Accellos One Nexus delivers immediate value to mid-market companies by leveraging best-of-class technology to simplify the challenge of maintaining compliance requirements across many business partners. Accellos One Nexus, designed for flexibility and scalability, includes the following:

  • Comprehensive support for document transport standards including ASC X12 EDI, UN EDIFACT, XML, ASCII delimited or fixed postition files and many others
  • Communication gateway includes a Drummond certified AS2 adapter along with support for FTP, HTTP, HTTP/S and other connectivity options including Accellos’ VAN (value added network)
  • Designed for automated document workflows while also providing flexibility for manual document processing
  • Browser based Document Manager, designed with the user in mind, offers a simple yet intuitive user experience for quick adoption and increased productivity while also delivering insight throughout the enterprise on the status of time-sensitive and critical business documents
  • Prebuilt business system adaptors to Accellos One products and leading ERP systems that reduce the time, effort, and costs associated with deploying and managing B2B integrations
  • Trading partner management console simplifies compliance requirements and enables rapid implementation of new business partners
  • Graphical mapping tool provides flexibility for unique trading partner requirements
  • Ready for international support with language localization, translation and UN EDIFACT support

“The velocity at which business is conducted today and the myriad challenges organizations face managing their trading partner community necessitates deploying a solution that is comprehensive enough to evolve as your business and supply chain configuration does, yet cost-effective to implement and maintain,” said Ross Elliott, Accellos’ Chief Technology Officer. “Accellos One Nexus, combined with our EDI domain expertise and the vSync Transaction Network, provides a robust and cost effective solution designed for the needs of mid-market firms.”

Accellos One Nexus offers a real-time trading partner network that accelerates partner adoption of standards and drives overall compliance, operational efficiencies and tighter business relationships with key business partners. Accellos One Nexus was built using proven technology to provide a scalable and dependable platform for exchanging electronic business documents across all trading partners. Accellos One Nexus provides real-time access to the status of critical business transactions throughout their lifecycle along with a complete archive of transactions for auditing and analysis.