Accellos and SBI Software Create Product Integration to Help Growers Gain Efficiency

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Accellos’ load and route optimization software and SBI’s agricultural ERP integrate to deliver consistently minimized miles, maximized load capacity and reduced costs

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colorado – February 23, 2012 – Accellos, a leading provider of supply chain execution software solutions, today announced product integration between its load and route optimization software and SBI Software’s robust agriculture-tailored ERP solution. This best-of-breed partnership creates a customized integration specifically built to help growers and garden centers leverage efficiencies while effectively managing their transportation needs.

The seamless integration offers the ability to select orders in the SBI software and export them to AccellosOne Optimize. Optimize consolidates the orders into shipments and converts them to full and/or multi-stop truckloads. Loads can be built one-way or round-trip. Once loads are built in Optimize, they are transmitted to the SBI software where the loads can be managed throughout the delivery cycle.

This user-friendly integration exceeds customer expectations by taking into account items such as equipment requirements, delivery time windows, appointment times, hours of service, multi-pick/multi-drop, backhauls, and more.

“This integration offers the ultimate solution for the grower or garden center end-user. SBI did an outstanding job at making the integration seamless and user-friendly,” said Ross Elliot, EVP and CTO at Accellos. “The Optimize/ERP integration has the ability to consistently minimize miles, maximize capacity of loads and reduce labor and transportation costs for our users.”

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