Accellos and BLOXX IT to Bring Accellos ONE 3PL to Netherlands

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Powerful Third-Party Logistics Software Reaching Dutch Market in May

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colorado – May 13, 2009 – Accellos, a leading provider of supply chain execution software solutions, has initiated a joint campaign with Netherlands-based technology service provider BLOXX IT to introduce Accellos One 3PL to the Dutch market.

Accellos One 3PL is a robust warehouse management system especially designed for the needs of third-party logistics companies, with a focus on food and cold storage. The software features integrated modules for billing and invoicing, workload planning, cost analyses, revenue assurance, and a web-based tool to give warehouse managers enhanced insight into their logistics processes.

The introduction of Accellos One 3PL to the Netherlands is part of Accellos Inc.’s European market strategy to increase its turnover on the European market to up to 30% of its total. Accellos identified the Netherlands as an ideal launch location as it is the second largest public refrigerated warehouse market in Europe. The company will also offer its award-winning 3PL solution to European warehouses through its partnership with NEKOVRI, a Dutch PRW organization.

The European launch of Accellos One 3PL will be supported by a direct mail campaign targeted toward a selected focus group.

In North America, Accellos’ customers represent a market share of 33%, measured in total cubic meters of cold storage. Accellos One 3PL is used by over 400 warehouses worldwide.