PB41 Direct Thermal Printer

Intermec’s PB41 printer is the ultimate print solution for store delivery, route accounting, field service, logistics, home delivery and pre-sales systems.  The PB41 interfaces seamlessly with the Intermec 700 Mobile Computer series.  Daily route activities are easily entered and tracked via a mobile computer throughout a workers shift.  Receipts are immediately provided to the customer for prompt payment or to eliminate duplicate billing efforts.

The lightweight and compact design of the PB41 is ideal for vehicle mounting or hand carrying.  This printer is built to withstand the rugged conditions it will be exposed to on the road.  The resilient high-density polyethylene case is virtually indestructible withstanding multiple four foot drops to concrete.  The PB41 printer operates via vehicle mount or battery operation.

Spending a lot of time in cold environments?  Intermec’s PB41 direct thermal portable printer is rated to withstand temperatures as low as -20° C.

The PB41 can be used serially or wirelessly.  The integrated Bluetooth and industry standard 802.11b wireless options make it easy for workers to remain on the go.  There are no hassles with cables or wires.  Bi-directional communication enables the printer to execute requests for wireless printer statuses and configuration.  The printer goes where you need it, when you need it for maximum efficiency.

Key Features:

  • Lightweight, rugged, compact design
  • Resilient high-density polyethylene case
  • Companion to the Intermec® 700 Series Mobile Computer
  • Integrated Bluetooth™ and 802.11 wireless printing
  • Ability to perform wireless printer status and configuration requests
  • Rated to withstand cold temperatures to -20° C
  • External paper load option