MobileLAN™ access WA22

MobileLAN access WA22 is the next-generation dual radio access point that accommodates radios operating on both 802.11a and 802.11b RF bands. Dual-radio access points, provide easy, cost-effective migration paths to the 54Mbps 802.11a technology while supporting 802.11b clients, offering unparalleled flexibility when designing or expanding wireless communication networks. MobileLAN access WA22 offers a complete mix and match choice of 802.11 radios: 2 a-radios, 1 a-radio + 1 b-radio or 2 b-radios, and will support 802.11g in the future.MobileLAN access WA22 is equipped with advanced encryption and authentication capabilities including WEP 128 with auto key rotation, 802.1x, EAP/TLS and EAP/TTLS authentication and RADIUS server support. Beyond securing the wireless local area network, these features enable faster roaming and enhanced mobility. The secure high-speed exchange enforces network security while maintaining a seamless connection. MobileLAN access WA22 also supports products that provide FIPS 140 security, the Federal Information Protection Standard.

The integrated Power-over-Ethernet solution eliminates the need and expense of installing separate cables and outlets. The 10/100 Base-T capability or 100 Mb Fiber Optic Communication enables wireless service on 100 Mbps networks. The MobileLAN access WA22 auto negotiates with connected devices allowing the data rate to be set at the highest rate at which both devices can communicate.

An enterprise class access point, the MobileLAN access WA22 provides the features necessary to support mission critical applications. Intermec’s industry leading IP tunneling enables mobile workers to roam from access point to access point without interrupting the network connection. This session persistence eliminates the need to have the routing application reside in the client device, have dedicated servers or manual entry of IP addresses. IP addresses are easier and less expensive to administer with Dynamic Host configuration Protocol (DHCP) server functionality. Network Access Translation (NAT) support enables the WA22 to assign and manage static IP addresses. MobileLAN access WA22 uses Intermec’s hardware based packet filtering, ensuring fewer dropped packets, less network congestion and better overall performance.

Intermec’s enhanced user-friendly MobileLAN manager software makes managing and monitoring the access point easy. This intuitive, scalable network software enables real-time event driven monitoring of changes and events in the network via the internet. Intermec’s spanning tree technology provides visibility to the entire network from one access point. This feature enables fast roaming for security, updates to MobileLAN manger without polling the network and provides configuration and filtering options that span the network.

The MobileLAN access WA22 is the ideal enterprise-class access point for light industrial applications.

Key Features:

  • Dual-Radio wireless access point operates with any combination of 802.11a and 802.11b radios
  • 802.1x security with secure roaming provides high-level security, faster roaming and enhanced mobility.
  • Internal Power-Over-Ethernet eliminates need for power cables and outlets
  • Enterprise Class access point to support mission critical applications