MobileLAN™ access 2102

Intermec’s MobileLAN™access 2102 is the choice for high performance wireless LANs and supports the most demanding requirements for wireless LAN applications in office environments. The 2102 enables mobile computing clients to roam anywhere throughout an enterprise without losing their network connection.

The MobileLANaccess 2102 uses industry-standard IEEE 802.11b high-rate and OpenAir wireless technologies, supporting up to 11 Mbps data rates. With a sleek, professional design and weight of less than eight ounces, the 2102 is designed for easy integration in office environments.

The MobileLANaccess 2102 is the latest in a family of high-performance wireless LAN products from Intermec that are easy to install and manage. Together with 2100 Industrial and 2101 Enterprise access points, the 2102 provides wireless networking solutions for companies regardless of the complexity of their networking requirements.

The MobileLAN family of access points offers fully integrated IP Tunneling, an enhancement that allows large wireless LANs to span across multiple subnets. This allows users of wireless-enabled laptops and other mobile computing devices to maintain a continuous, high quality network connection while seamlessly roaming anywhere throughout the enterprise without having to install software onto their clients to enable this capability.

As an added benefit for network administrators, Intermec’s wireless LAN access points automatically track and connect roaming clients without the cost and complexity of a dedicated mobile IP server or additional hubs and cabling. Intermec’s innovative design ends the cumbersome, user-table programming and setup, and eliminates what could become a single point of failure on a wireless LAN.

Intermec’s MobileLAN family of high-performance wireless LAN products allows companies to quickly, easily, and affordably add wireless net-working to their existing infrastructure.

Key Features:

  • Wireless access anywhere in the enterprise
  • Lightweight and low cost
  • Industry-standard technologies for seamless integration
  • Add wireless capabilities without the expense of extra hubs, servers or complicated wiring