700 Series Mobile Computer

Proof That Good Things Do Come In Small Packages

The Intermec 700 Series is a rugged radio-enabled mobile computer. Equipped with a fast Intel StrongARM processor and Microsoft Windows for Pocket PC, it is extremely well suited for applications in field service, healthcare, retail, route distribution and logistics.

Rugged Integrated Package

The 700 Series stands up to continuous use in demanding environments. The flexible design allows configuration of the 700 Series based upon the scanning, radio, and data storage requirements of the application. The rugged, drop resistant case is sealed against rain and dust. The integrated keypad is specially designed to provide great feedback with high reliability for input-intensive applications.

Integrated Communications

A wide range of communication capabilities provide wired and wireless access to your enterprise networks. The 700 Series provides Ethernet connectivity through its docking systems. Wireless LAN systems in retail and distribution center applications can use the 802.11b internal radio, which is Wi-Fi certified for interoperability and long-term investment protection. The industry’s broadest selection of wide area network radios are also available for field-based communications and realtime updates. BluetoothTM capability allows wireless communications with peripheral devices such as printers.

Fast, Flexible Data Input and Navigation

The 700 Series offers three options for quick and accurate data input. The keypad provides tactile feedback for accurate data entry and preserves the full screen area for application use. Integrated linear and PDF417 scanners provide fast, accurate capture of bar code data. The touch screen allows easy navigation and supports input of graphical data such as signatures and sketches.

Standard Software

The 700 Series runs applications developed for Microsoft Windows for Pocket PC operating system. The Intel® StrongARM SA-1110 processor provides the processing power needed for today’s demanding business applications, such as Intermec’s RoutePower®, ArciTechTM and i-gistics® products.

Investment Protection

The open architecture of the 700 Series protects your investment and provides a migration path to new technologies. The 700 Series is built upon industry standards such as Pocket PC, TCP/IP, Wi-Fi and Ethernet.

Device Management

The 700 Series is designed to provide easy device management within the enterprise. Applications can be installed or removed, configurations changed, and the operating system upgraded, all through remote management tools. Remote control capability is provided for troubleshooting and problem resolution.

Complete Systems That Work

The 700 Series provides a suite of fully integrated system components, including a wide selection of peripherals and accessories. Applications and communication software products are also available to help business process automation needs. The Intermec 700 Series can help businesses worldwide improve their operations, increase mobile worker efficiency, and build a better bottom line.

*Bluetooth is a trademark owned by Bluetooth SIG, Inc., USA.