700 Series Color Mobile Computer

Serious Enterprise Mobility

Whether on the road, in the field, or on the factory floor, mobile workers demand rugged, reliable tools to do their jobs. The Intermec® 700 Color mobile computer builds on the rocksolid 700 Series platform, updated to bring the newest technologies to the front-line worker.

Beyond the large, brilliant display, the 700 Color offers the Intel® XScale™ processor and Microsoft® Windows® for Pocket PC. Its configurable design allows the integration of up to three radios in a single device, provides a broad range of scanning options, two keypad options, and backs this up with market-leading battery capacity to ensure long life. Whether your application is standalone, client-server, browser-based, or terminal emulation, the 700 Color is the right tool for the job.

Daylight Readable Color Display
The 700 Color features a brilliant reflective TFT display that provides superior clarity and vivid contrast under all lighting conditions – both indoors and out. The 3.8 inch (97 mm) diagonal display, is 20 percent larger than most other devices on the market and lends itself to larger character and graphical applications, thereby promoting better viewability. From simple highlighting of a data entry field to presentation of full-motion video, the color display helps users work more efficiently.

>Multi-Purpose Application Platform
Change is a constant in the business world. When investing in an automation solution, you want to select a device that will meet not only your current needs but has the capacity to grow with you as your needs expand.

The 700 Color is such a device. Start simply by moving your current applications to the device and add more applications or job junctions when you are ready. The power of the Microsoft Windows for Pocket PC operating system, combined with the speed of the Intel XScale processor, means you’ll have the capacity you’ll need. The 700 Color is your partner for the long haul, and is designed to accommodate your ever-changing mobile computing requirements.

Rugged Integrated Package
Intermec is a world leader in the design of mobile computing hardware that stands up to the most rugged usage demands, and the 700 Color carries on this proud tradition. Designed from the ground up for use in harsh environments, the 700 Color can withstand multiple 5-ft. (1.5 m) drops to concrete and is sealed against rain and dust. The ergonomic case design is sculpted and balanced for user comfort in long-term use; radio and scanner options are integrated, not add-ons, which means they are tested to the same ruggedness standards and don’t compromise the environmental or functional characteristics of the unit.

Scaleable Communications Options
The wide range of communication options on the 700 Color provide wired and wireless connectivity unmatched in the industry. On-board wired Ethernet is standard on the 700 Series, and unlike many competitive devices, true Ethernet speeds are maintained all the way to the device. Other communication options include:

  • Wireless Local Area Network (LAN) integrated into the 700 Color, this 802.11b radio option provides up to 11 Mb/sec throughput
  • Wireless Wide Area Network (WAN) integrated options include radios for GSM/GPRS and CDMA/ 1xRTT networks
  • Bluetooth™* Compatible Personal Area Network allows cable-free communications with peripheral devices such as printers over a 10 meter range. A Socket Communications module provides Bluetooth compatibility.

For applications that require wireless connectivity in multiple environments, the 700 Color can be configured with up to three radio options in the same device. For instance, workers may spend part of their day on-premise utilizing wireless LAN access points, for cross docking or load planning applications. The same device could also utilize a WAN network when taken off-premise in a delivery vehicle, covering a much larger area, all the while using Bluetooth compatible networking to print. Whatever your communication requirements, the 700 Color has you covered.

Comprehensive Scanning Options
Offering a broad choice of scanning options, the 700 Color is available with imaging or laser scanning technologies. The 2D-imager option reads two-dimensional matrix codes as well as omni-directional 1D bar codes. The 1D code can be read in any orientation, eliminating the need to line up the scan beam perpendicular to the bars. The 2D imager also provides the capability of taking black and white photographs for applications such as proof of delivery, market surveys and field inspections. Linear 1D and PDF417 laser scanners complete the scanning lineup.

Superior Power Reserves
Color display frontlights and a multitude of radios can tax the power budget of any portable device. To provide trouble-free operation and maximum uptime throughout the day, the 700 Color comes equipped with a powerful 14.4 Watt-hour Lithium-Ion battery making the 700 Color the industry leader in power management. In addition, the built-in Flash ROM folder allows permanent storage of applications, drivers and start-up files on non-volatile flash memory.

Complete Systems That Work
The 700 Color is part of a suite of fully integrated system components, including a wide selection of peripherals and accessories. Intermec systems are designed to meet the needs of the enterprise, incorporating features that lower total cost of ownership – like a non-volatile memory area in Flash ROM to support automatic loading of application software. Applications and communication software products are also available to address business process automation needs – including software to remotely configure and manage devices from a central location without local user intervention. The Intermec 700 Color can help businesses worldwide improve their operations, increase mobile worker efficiency, and build a better bottom line.