What is it?  How did we get here?  Most importantly, where is trade partner communications going in the future?

Accellos is committed to developing supply chain solutions for small to medium sized businesses.  This means that we meet companies that are new to the concept of Electronic Data Interchange.  We also meet people that have run EDI transactions for years, but like everything the technology has advanced so we want to bring people up-to-speed as well.

This section is dedicated to informing you about Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) and Trade Partner Integration (TPI). We highly suggest you send these page links to your warehouse staff and your executive management while you are doing your research so they too can understand the value and necessity of an EDI system.

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Bring your small or medium sized business into EDI compliance with your trading partner network and remain competitive in today's global economy with Custom, Packaged, and Web Based EDI systems and solutions from Accellos.  AccellosOne EDI compliant systems and solutions - meeting the unique requirements of businesses across the country and around the world.