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“We would probably be using 10 – 15 times the man hours had we not picked this solution because volume has grown so enormously”.
– Herb Toms, President

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Venuity Health Care was in need of an application that would integrate with the upgrade of their Microsoft Dynamics® GP solution. Venuity Health Care, a multi-channel supplier of discounted medical supplies & equipment was experiencing tremendous growth. They needed a solution that would cope with that growth and allow them to reduce shipping errors, verify shipping information and improve customer satisfaction rates.

Venuity set out with the goal of reducing their man hours, and improving their shipment tracking capabilities. AccellosOne vShip not only met their original goals but provided improved customer satisfaction ratings. Venuity’s goal to reduce man hours has been met, enabling them to keep prices down for their customers. Because of the detailed shipment tracking capabilities Venuity can now ensure that the right product goes out to the right customer location at the right time and in the right condition. All of this has led to increased customer satisfaction.

AccellosOne vShip enhances outbound fulfi llment and shipping operations. Whether your needs are basic or complex, AccellosOne vShip will help you to improve shipping accuracy, streamline shipping and reduce business transaction costs. Using AccellosOne vShip, employees responsible for fulfilling orders can pull up-sales orders from Microsoft Dynamics GP and manage shipping requirements with both Small- Parcel and Less-than-Truckload carriers. Customer-specific shipping data is then automatically written back to the Microsoft Dynamics GP sales order making it easy to generate required Advance Ship Notices (ASNs) and to provide customers with instant access to shipping information like tracking numbers and shipment contents. AccellosOne vShip is a multi-carrier shipping solution for Microsoft Dynamics GP and allows you to rate shop between major carriers. With AccellosOne vShip, shipping is seamlessly integrated into your Microsoft Dynamics GP system, allowing you to streamline your shipping processes.

Read the Full Case Study PDF

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