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Key Benefits

■ More than 50 percent same-day fulfi llment
■ Order volume up 15 percent
■ Order accuracy at 99 percent-plus
■ Order pick time down 20 percent
■ Orders per day average 150-200
■ Up to 300 pieces per day/picker
■ 25 percent lines per day increase
■ Productivity/employee up by one-third
■ Outside labor requirements eliminated
■ Fewer warehouse people; more production

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Trade Union International, Inc.
Throughout the distribution community, many a warehouse worker still courses from aisle-to-aisle, bin-to-bin, picking items from paper tickets to fulfill orders.

Trade Union management selected Irvine-based Vision 33, Inc., a SAP Business One reseller, as its enterprise software partner, and Vision 33 in turn strongly recommended that the company consider AccellosOne Warehouse Management System (WMS) as its warehouse management system, based on the strength of the Accellos integration to SAP Business One.

All of the warehouse processes have been streamlined and the processes for the two divisions consolidated. Goods move about the warehouse by means of a fl eet 16 fork lifts and 18 hand trucks. As inbound product is unloaded, unpacked and staged, it is scanned into the warehouse system using wireless handheld Symbol MC 9090 RF-enabled scanners, which assign pallet or bin putaway locations designated by the Accellos software.

The primary decision factors -- integration with SAP, high level functionality, user-friendliness, and not least, affordability -- were all met with AccellosOne Warehouse Management System (WMS), Boiler says, citing a number of the immediately apparent improvements.

Read the Full Case Study PDF

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