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Key Benefits

“Because of Prophesy we were able to increase our fleet by over 30% with the same amount of administrative staff.”
-Cola Tsarnas, General Manager

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Sprinter Trucking of Winston, Oregon, has considerably increased the size of its fleet without adding administrative staff, by implementing the complete Prophesy DispatchSeries Software solution to manage their growing trucking operation.

“TrackerDispatch has greatly enhanced our ability to track loads and trucks”, said Cola Tsarnas, General Manager. “Because of Prophesy we were able to increase our fleet by over 30% with the same amount of administrative staff.”

Several years ago, the team at Sprinter found their operation growing, and decided that an overall fleet management solution would be needed to manage their growth and maintain the same level of quality that their customers had come to expect.

In December 2003, Sprinter Trucking implemented Prophesy DispatchSeries software with QuickBooks Pro Interface to handle their total fleet operations. “After having a positive first experience with Prophesy, the integrated Dispatch system seemed like a smart choice for our company,” said Tsarnas. “After researching other solutions out there we were pleasantly surprised to learn that no competing solutions offered the reliability, power and features that Prophesy has, at such an affordable price.”

In 2004, Sprinter added even more robust database capabilities by adding our SQL interface, and in 2005 added complete integrated truck & trailer tracking capabilities by adding Prophesy TrackerDispatch to document the movements of 100 trucks.

“TrackerDispatch has served as an excellent way of distributing our load information to our drivers,” said Tsarnas. “It has helped us to reduce phone calls and greatly reduced errors between dispatcher and driver.”

In the years since the company has continued to grow, adding nearly 25 additional power units, while maintaining the same core office team—and of course, their Prophesy DispatchSeries Software in place.

Read the Full Case Study PDF

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