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“To put it into perspective, in 2002 our annual revenue was 1.5 million. This year, we have pulled in over 6 million, in a slow economy no less. We couldn’t have done it without Prophesy.”

- Jerry Morrow, Vice President

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In 1962, James Morrow, then a young entrepreneur, founded a small trucking company by the name of James Morrow & Sons Trucking with a single truck. With over 46 years of continuous service, the company has grown to a 25-truck fleet and in 2006 joined forces with another trucking company to form Ploger Transportation. The Ploger team specializes in truckload freight including books, roll stock paper, and other paper products. The company also ships plastic containers most often used to hold dairy foods such as ice cream, cottage cheese, and sour cream on store shelves.

In 2002, President Tanya Morrow was approached by Prophesy for a demonstration of the popular DispatchSeries software. As is the case with many growing companies, Tanya did not feel entirely ready for the intimidating step of computerizing their operation. However, necessity drove her to consider a new way of doing things in the hopes that it would remove the burden from their shoulders. Though initially apprehensive, once Tanya had a chance to see the Prophesy Dispatch solution in action she was blown away. She realized then that this software had the potential to vastly improve nearly every aspect of how they ran their business.

After a full review of Prophesy options, the company purchased Prophesy Dispatch with an interface to their existing Peachtree accounting system. The company also added several Prophesy tools including Mileage & Routing for mileage lookups and driving directions, FleetTrax for fleet maintenance and parts inventory management, and TaxTally to handle their complex IFTA fuel tax reporting.

Once implemented, the Ploger team began to see the benefits right away. Jerry Morrow was delighted that his fleet’s preventive maintenance was now tracked flawlessly using FleetTrax. Fuel taxes, which were always a thorn in their side, were now a breeze with TaxTally. Morrow was also impressed with the ability to fi nd, store, and retrieve driving directions, saving time and headaches when frequently traveling to customer locations. As time went on the company continued finding new benefits and creative ways to get the most power possible out of their Prophesy system.

Read the Full Case Study PDF

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