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Key Benefits

  • Order handling improved from 5-6 per minute to 12+
  • Streamlined import/customs processes
  • Seamless integration to EDI
  • Extensive RF integration
  • Precise warehouse geography
  • Fast, precise directed putaway
  • Fast, accurate directed picking
  • Doubling of order throughput
  • Cartonization of LTL, parcel shipments
  • Integration to shipping system
  • Continuously current inventory information
  • Company/customer-definable alerts

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Norvanco International, Inc. surged into being in the late 1980s through the combination of a pair of companies with a history of collaboration: one, a custom house brokerage whose identity reflected the names of Founders Harry Norton and Dick Van Sant; the other, Air Transportation Enterprises, a local cartage and air freight services firm owned and operated by current Norvanco Owner-President Robert Juranich and which had recently expanded also to include warehousing and distribution.


One of Inbound Logistics Magazine’s Top 100 3PLs, Norvanco currently manages logistics for about 20 clients according to Bill Juranich, vice president of distribution. Its entire facility is allocated to dry storage, with inventory ranging from toys and dining flatware, to shoes and apparel, to building products and beyond.


Norvanco’s initial technology solution was a custom system: INVENTEC, developed by Robert Juranich’s Air Transportation Enterprises, Inc. It was programmed in-house with an integrated electronic data interchange (EDI) component. It worked well for 12 years, but with the challenges of growth and changing requirements of mass retailers the company found itself needing a stronger, more fully featured solution. It found its solution in 1990 with Accuplus by LDS. Subsequently in 1999, it moved to the Provia warehouse management system and its related FourSight order management system, both now part of the SSA family of business software products.


Norvanco had reviewed several alternative 3PL solutions and had essentially made a selection when Accellos’ regional manager Doug Bailey – who coincidentally had sold them the Provia-Foursight solution years before – offered to demonstrate AccellosOne 3PL.


Norvanco is both a customs broker and a Foreign Trade Zone operator, enabling the company to streamline the process of getting goods from port to warehouse expeditiously. Customs documents are exchanged using EDI, saving time and money, and only when the goods are moved to consumers within the country in which the zone is located do they become subject to tariffs and customs regulation.


Norvanco does no remanufacturing although that does not mean that it wouldn’t or never will.


As with the documentation of inbound merchandise, orders normally arrive at Norvanco by means of EDI. The Accellos software notifies customer service by email of the products and quantities to be shipped, along with any other relevant information. Customer service reps process the orders, print the labels and send the orders to the floor to be picked, scanned, pulled, and counted and labeled. The entire process is reported back to Accellos One 3PL phase-by-phase automatically via RF.


Prior to implementing AccellosOne 3PL, Norvanco customer service personnel were kept busy with queries from customers and carriers. Now, with Accellos eVista online visibility available, authorized individuals can get virtually any answer they need in near-real time, 24/7. Almost all customer service calls relating to inventory or orders have gone away.


Juranich is reluctant to provide comparative pre- or post-Accellos metrics other than to state that order handling has improved from five or six per minute to a dozen or more. Norvanco is now handling some 12,000 orders per month and under Accellos processes, order output has more than doubled.

“This information will allow us to view operations virtually as they happen, and it also will enable us to look at the same factors in many and different ways,” Juranich says. “The flexibility and performance we have gained with AccellosOne 3PL tells us that we have found our long-term 3PL solution.”

Download the PDF of the Full Case Study


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