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Key Benefits

  • 48% faster fill rates
  • 99.9% accuracy rates
  • Improved customer service
  • Streamlined receiving
  • Reduced training

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Getting more orders out the door with fewer errors and less cost means doing things right the first time. That’s the aim of every warehouse, and it’s often easier said than done. Thanks to the first-time-right approach of AccellosOne Warehouse Management System (WMS) for SAP Business One, HBI International is filling 48% more orders with accuracy rates that top 99%. What’s more, they’re doing so without additional staff.Headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona, HBI is a market leader in the production and distribution of roll-your-own tobacco products, including rolling paper, tobacco and cigars. The company also sells chew, snuff and dip, as well as tobacco-related accessories, including lighters and scales.

Tying Up Loose Ends
Such efficient operations as they currently run weren’t always the case. Flash back to 2011; HBI was growing quickly, which was great for the company’s bottom line but a challenge when it came to receiving and picking the company’s 3,000 SKUs, many of which look identical.

Proper Planning Pays Off: Increased Production, Fewer Errors
HBI’s attention to detail paid off. While many WMS implementations run over budget and take longer than expected, HBI’s “go live” in the summer of 2013 was flawless. “Everything worked exactly the way it was supposed to. What’s more, results have exceeded expectations.”

The Biggest Benefit: Greater Profit for All
“The company has doubled in size in the past five years,” says Matt. “Accellos has given us a way to keep up with that growth without adding employees. Before, if we had an increase in sales, we had to add more employees. Now, one person can do the work of two. Obviously that keeps payroll down.”

Read the Full Case Study PDF

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