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Key Benefits

  • Cloud solution = minimal I.T. staff
  • Service to 350 + clients in 20 warehouses
  • 700 AccellosOne users now qualified
  • Standardized warehouse configurations
  • RF directed operations
  • Higher volumes, greater productivity
  • Standardized workflow practices
  • Precise inventory record maintenance
  • Integration with Oracle database
  • Client access to inventory records via EDI
  • Comprehensive reporting via d’Amigo
  • Reduced customer service requirements
  • Faster, less expensive cycle counting
  • Dramatically reduced paper, printing costs

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More than 1500 highway miles lie betweenTijuana on Mexico’s Pacific Coast and Cancun on the Caribbean shore. The geography varies from densely populated cities to sweeping ranchland and fertile fields to remote deserts and rugged mountains. Frialsa Frigorificos covers it all, providing services to food producers, processors, importers, distributors and retailers as it continues to grow both in scope and in capabilities.


Frialsa Frigorificos was founded in 1983 as a single-facility resource for controlled temperature storage and management of perishable ingredients for companies such as Grupo Bimbo, a distantly related Mexico City-based baked goods giant that sprawls across 20 countries in theAmericasand beyond. Once in operation, Frialsa management recognized the wealth of opportunities available in refrigerated warehousing: custom handling and storage of domestic products like fruits, vegetables, meats and prepared foods as well as frozen products imported from elsewhere -- notably theUnited States.

Technology Evolution

For over 20 years, the company managed its operations at the local level using a legacy software solution called “Frio.” Each warehouse had its own instance of the software, generating paper slips, forms and reports to record the movement and status of customers’ inventory from arrival to departure and in-between. Customer and management data were developed and maintained locally, primarily through the use of spreadsheets, with consolidated reports forwarded to headquarters for use by corporate management.

The Accellos Solution

Research narrowed the selection process from an initial pool of about 40 candidates to just two: Red Prairie, which the reviewers came to feel was primarily an extended warehouse management solution, and AccellosOne Enterprise 3PL, which they recognized as an extremely powerful third party logistics solution. The Accellos software answered all of their needs for streamlined receiving, putaway and stock maintenance, order fulfillment and quality assurance.


Accellos implementation personnel conducted a business process review and based on their findings, configured the software at the hosting site to Frialsa’s specific needs, adjusting certain features to accommodate certain aspects of the company’s operations. With the set-up accomplished, the Accellos team trained three super-users, who followed the process closely as the team implemented the first group of customers at the warehouse in Cuatitlan -- part of Greater Mexico City and also close to Frialsa’s corporate headquarters.


While all of the warehouses offer a similar set of services, they can vary in terms of capabilities. All focus on freezer-refrigerated storage and most have refrigerated docks. Some feature several cool rooms, independent refrigerated and freezing areas, and room racking up to about 40 feet high. Others add pre-cold tunnels as well as freezing tunnels that can blast perishable produce to deep sub-zero temperatures without damage. Some offer dry storage and several are equipped with rail sidings and cross-dock sections that allow all or part of arriving shipments to be transferred to trucks for immediate dispatch.

Results and Projections

With the controls and capabilities offered by the AccellosOne Enterprise 3PL solution, Frialsa is now positioned to offer complete supply chain services to its customers, many of whom currently perform many of the services themselves -- such as co-packing, product ripening and fiscal warehouse services (processing, handling, storing, distributing imports) -- or who currently contract such services to third parties.

“The Accellos solution has allowed us to deliver better and faster service and to provide our customers with more accessible, more detailed information,” Equihua says. “Meanwhile, we are seeing greater efficiency and productivity, perceptibly lower operating costs, and are managing the business better through the availability of more timely and accurate records. This will all be reflected in profitability, and we are sure there are still more benefits to come.”

Download the PDF of the Full Case Study 

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