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Key Benefits

  • Seamless integration with MS Dynamics AX
  • Fully automated document flow
  • Library of 1,000+ trading partner kits
  • Unlimited trading partner plan
  • Simple in-house trading partner set-up
  • Checkbox activated settings
  • Easy compliance with unique requirements
  • Extensible workflows and maps
  • Significant time/money savings
  • Outstanding service and support

Download the PDF of the Full Case StudyWhen you’re talking chocolate rabbits, you’re talking Frankford Candy’s language: Philadelphia-headquartered, privately owned Frankford Candy and Chocolate Company is one of the largest producers of the confection in the United States.

“Our off-season EDI transaction volume normally runs a few hundred orders per week,” says Hoffman, whose responsibilities include purchasing, inventory control and information technology. “Seasonal transaction volume can reach as many as 40-50 times the off season transaction volume and thus smooth operations are critical to meeting demand. This is where Accellos' EDI for Dynamics AX pays for itself, because it is just as efficient at peak volume days as for the off-season days.”
“Our orders range from a few cases to multiple truckloads,” Hoffman says. “Thus, EDI has become the crux of our operations, with a large majority of our orders and shipments involving EDI processing. There can be no mistakes; once you lose an order in the candy business it is usually gone for good. There is no opportunity for a learning curve . . . it is the basic blocking and tackling of the business.”

The first phase of change in the company’s I.T. operations arrived in the mid 2000’s. Business was growing and to deal with it, Frankford replaced its outmoded custom-programmed ERP software with Microsoft Dynamics AX and partnered with Junction Solutions because of their vertical-specific software applications and services.

Although a significant improvement over the earlier process, the external EDI solution purchased to work with the Microsoft ERP system came with several aggravating characteristics, Hoffman says. It was not easy to use and the company was growing fast -- meaning an accelerating volume of transactions. New trading partners were being added to the mix regularly and a new set of documents had to be mapped for each new trading partner.

Of the few EDI companies that link with Dynamics AX, most tend to be very general in approach, Hoffman found. Other EDI systems reside outside of the ERP system and thus require bridging software to input/output data. Conversely, because Accellos' EDI for Dynamics AX was developed from the ground up to integrate directly and seamlessly with Microsoft Dynamics AX, there are no compatibility or functionality issues.

Accellos' EDI for AX works directly with the workflows native in Dynamics AX, so no costly and time-consuming customizations were necessary to accommodate either Frankford’s or its trading partners’ unique business requirements. The software features flexible cross-references that reduce both the implementation cycle and time to production while minimizing configuration and ongoing maintenance.

Hoffmann maintains no I.T. staff, per se, preferring to rely on the resources provided by Microsoft for the ERP solution, and Accellos for the now-limited amount of EDI support Frankford requires.

Accellos is a global provider of logistics, warehouse, 3PL, transportation and mobile fleet management solutions. Accellos addresses the supply chain management and execution market with warehouse management systems for multiple environments; Microsoft Windows-based transportation management solutions; and in-field mobile resource management solutions. Accellos’ powerful supply-chain execution solutions are easy to customize and implement, providing our customers with more innovation for less investment while producing significant savings and greater profitability. Through a culture of innovation, Accellos strikes the perfect balance of customer satisfaction, employee fulfillment and shareholder value, delivering greater profitability and rapid return on investment for our customers and accelerated logistics and warehousing services for the clients they serve.
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vSync, an Accellos division, is a premier provider of EDI and shipping compliance solutions built specifically to enhance Microsoft Dynamics GP and Microsoft Dynamics AX. vSync EDI and shipping solutions are highly integrated with Microsoft Dynamics, providing rich functionality not available from other solutions that support many ERP systems. A key advantage we provide is our combined knowledge of EDI and shipping compliance, associated EDI and shipping business processes, and thorough knowledge of Microsoft Dynamics. This combination of experience and knowledge assists our customers in deploying and utilizing best practices, and enables our support teams to provide unparalleled customer service. Headquartered in Columbus, Ohio, we maintain strategic partnerships with today's mission-critical solution providers that complement our client's investment in the Microsoft Dynamics platform. For more information email us at

Download the PDF of the Full Case Study

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