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Key Benefits

  • Integration with Sage Pro ERP
  • Implementation in just five weeks
  • No interruption in business
  • Precise warehouse configuration
  • Wireless WMS-ERP communication
  • Directed putaway, picking
  • Consolidated order selection
  • Automated, verified parcel shipping
  • Flexible allocation-unallocation
  • Reporting to “granular” level
  • On-demand planning tools
  • Reduced staff requirements
  • 99 percent inventory accuracy
  • 8,000 parcels/shift capacity
  • Productivity standards available
  • Precise staging of large-retailer orders

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Elite Home Products, Inc. markets a full range of bedding products – sheets, shams, duvets, blankets, etc. -- through top mass market retailers and it also fulfi lls on-line orders for a number of customers. Orders for conventional retail outlets range from a few pallets to multiple truckloads, with deliveries scheduled up to months in advance; online orders usually same-day.


Outmoded, dual warehouse facilities, manual procedures, burgeoning sales and fast-developing Internet fulfi llment challenges combined to exert pressure on the company’s operations. With no racking or assigned bin locations, storage and retrieval was dependent on the “tribal knowledge” of the work force – where goods would be placed and where/how they were to be found.


Elite relocated to a modern, single-level building and installed state-of-the-art AccellosOne WMS software to manage the company’s warehouse processes. The warehouse is confi gured for maximum productivity, with the confi guration replicated virtually in the Accellos software, which communicates with Elite’s Sage Pro ERP software via a sophisticated wireless network


Accellos Partner WAGCC implemented the software ahead of schedule and the concurrent moves to new facilities and the new WMS were achieved with no interruption in business. Staff took to the new system quickly; putaway, picking and shipping are faster, with 99 percent-plus accuracy. Many operations have been automated, with paper processes to be eliminated.


Read the Full Case Study PDF

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