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Key Benefits

  • Accuracy improved from 60% to 98%,
  • Efficiency levels increased from 75% to 85%
  • Customer service levels increased from 60% to 90%

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Dosatron International, Inc. (Dosatron) is a manufacturer and distributor of chemical dispensers known as Dosatron Units. The Florida-based organization works with companies in industries ranging from food and agriculture, to manufacturing and printing. The versatile Dosatron chemical dispensers are used by customers for such tasks as dispensing medication to livestock, sanitization, fertilizing soil, controlling pest problems, washing vehicles or metering out chemicals used in industrial manufacturing processes. Founded in 1986, Dosatron is a leader in its space, driving innovation in energy efficient and precise chemical dispenser systems.


Dosatron ships all customer orders for Dosatron units, accessories as well as parts and other maintenance products from of its 9,000 square foot warehouse. Eleven warehouse employees manage the warehouse operations from receiving through to order fulfillment and shipping.


In 2004, Dosatron began working with Warehouse Management Solutions Inc., a warehouse technology consulting organization, on finding a new WMS. The consultants recommended Dosatron implement AccellosOne Warehouse within its warehouse, based on its effective integration with Microsoft Great Plains as well as its short roll out time, flexibility and ease of use. In November of 2003 Dosatron decided to implement AccellosOne Warehouse in its warehouse.


Introducing AccellosOne Warehouse to Dosatron gave the company the high performance system they were looking for, and has brought significant productivity, efficiency and accuracy benefits to the warehouse. In the first six months the organization has seen its accuracy levels rise from 60% to 98%, and efficiency levels increased from 75% to 85% throughout the warehouse. Operations improvements have allowed Dosatron to continue improving its customer service levels, raising customer satisfaction with service from 60% to 90%.

"Our company is focused on providing the highest quality product and services to our customers and we’re thrilled to have a new tool at our disposal that will make it easier for us to consistently meet and exceed our customers’ expectations," Temko says. "We’re excited to know that AccellosOne Warehouse will be able to support our business needs as our organization grows for years to come."

Download the PDF of the Full Case Study

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