Del Nat Tire
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Key Benefits

  • 90 % increase in inventory control
  • 35 % increase in order fulfilment speed
  • Significant productivity gains
  • Significant increase in locating product in the warehouse
  • Daily Process now takes the same worker 6 hours versus 10 with the previous paper based system

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The Del-Nat Tire Corporation (DNTC) knows that they move more than a set of tires; they move profits for independent tire dealers all over the United States. The Memphis, Tennessee-based Private Brand tire distributor plays an important role in ensuring the safe and reliable performance of vehicles ranging from cars, to mining equipment and wheelbarrows. The company provides their stockholders with reliable, high-quality tires. Since it’s foundation in 1989, the organization has worked tirelessly to provide customers with the best service and products, and as a result, has experienced double digit growth over its history.


DNTC had previously managed its warehouse using a home-grown ERP system, which handled its warehouse management, accounting and customer service operations. As the pace of business increased, the old ERP system began posing some productivity challenges. The system was not able to integrate with mobile devices, meaning that warehouse staff had to print out any receiving, picking or shipping information in order to process all orders. Working with a paper-based system created inventory control and efficiency pitfalls for staff. With no automated way of tracking inventory locations, DNTC staff had to rely on their memory to find the required products. Another challenge impeding productivity was misplaced paper order forms, causing shipping delays and frustrating DNTC’s efforts to provide the highest levels of service to customers.


In the fall of 2002, DNTC decided to replace its aging home grown computer hardware & software system with Microsoft Great Plains & Dell servers. With plans to further improve processes and provide new productivity tools for warehouse staff, the company integrated AccellosOne Warehouse into Great Plains.


Implementing AccellosOne Warehouse within the DNTC warehouse is leading the organization to better meet customer expectations with significant productivity, accuracy and service improvements.

"We are confident that this system will be able to support us as our business continues to grow. It’s great to know that we have a system in place that we can grow into rather than grow out of."

Download the PDF of the Full Case Study

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