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Key Benefits

  • Higher customer service ratings
  • Less document preparation saving time and money for both Confederation Freezers and their clients


No visibility across locations; Customer service time spent on tracking orders


Upgrade to AccellosOne 3PL; Utilize e-Vista, a web enabled visibility tool


Higher customer service ratings based on web visibility and less document preparation saving time and money for both Confederation Freezers and their clients


Confederation Freezers is a full service public refrigerated warehouse providing logistics services for firms across North America. Confederation Freezers began business in 1974 as a single 60,000 square foot facility on Summerlea Road in Brampton, Ontario. Through a series of expansions and additions they have grown to over 19 million cubic feet spanning three facilities and two cities. Since 1974, Confederation Freezers' focus has been to provide one-stop logistics shopping for their more than 250 customers, many of which have had long-standing partnerships with them. Confederation Freezers is open seven days a week, twenty-four hours a day.

Confederation Freezers operates its facilities on one centralized server which is accessed through a private network. The centralized server supports all warehouse activities including radio frequency devices, bar code scanners, PCs, and printers that are located throughout the facilities.

Confederation Freezers has been using AccellosOne 3PL since 1994. Confederation Freezers has also upgraded to Accellos' 2 product suite. This was not only an upgrade for Confederation, but was also a comprehensive redesign that incorporated an array of new features and capabilities, among them: alerts management, source imaging, expanded labor tracking and expanded voice and data communications.

"Customers always want new features and capabilities," said Ms. Lyn Miles, Corporate Office Manager. "AccellosOne 3PL gives us the ability to provide those features and capabilities which are currently most in demand among Confederation's customer base."

Confederation Freezers has implemented a complete set of EDI transaction interfaces with their customers. This enables the organization to receive products from plants with complete case level and pallet serialization. AccellosOne 3PL also allows for complete product tracking and recall capabilities in order to comply with Government recall regulations.

Another unique feature which has been implemented by Confederation Freezers is the ability to offer clients on-line access to AccellosOne 3PL through e-Vista. This allows customers to enter orders and query inventory and order/receipt statuses.

Confederation Freezers also offers clients value-added services that are made possible through the AccellosOne 3PL application. Confederation Freezers offers re-labeling, customs documentation, cycle counts, stock rotation, multi-customer third-party logistics billing, inventory locator and auto faxing.

Confederation Freezers also participates in Accellos' two consortiums. Confederation Freezers is a member of the RFID Consortium and hosts a lab at their Brampton facility. The purpose of this lab is to test RFID equipment within a temperature controlled environment. Confederation Freezers is also a member of Accellos' Voice Consortium, aiding in the development of Voice technology within warehouse environment.

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