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Key Benefits

  • Seamless integration of WMS, EDI and web store software
  • Increased speed of physical warehouse operations
  • Opportunity for fulfillment errors virtually eliminated
  • Billing process simplified and accelerated
  • Shipment volumes projected to more than double with little or no increase in fulfillment staff

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Some 65 years ago, Budge Industries, LLC (then Budge Manufacturing Co.) hand-crafted an innovative protective car cover from a shower curtain to keep dust and dirt off the owner’s new car. The cover was spotted by one of the founders of the auto supply chain Pep Boys and soon, Pep Boys began to offer the new product at their stores. From this beginning, Budge went on to build a thriving business and today, Budge Industries operates well beyond the automotive market, dominating its market niche and distributing its products internationally via retail, catalog and online stores as well as delivering a host of OEM applications.


Tom Bagby, VP Operations, estimates that the Henderson facilities house up to 500 pickable SKUs, with perhaps four times that amount of product also on hand in the form of raw materials, finished goods in need of re-pack or other further handling, and partial assemblies with finishing requirements. Bin locations within the three warehouse/assembly buildings carry barcodes, so in implementing the WMS, the integration team replicated the warehouse layout details in the software to facilitate fulfillment and inventory control.

Results and Projections

The new workflow approach will effect dramatic improvements in the company’s warehouse and business management operations by eliminating the remaining manual activity associated with the processing of customer orders, while also eliminating the time-consuming and labor-intensive data entry associated with maintaining redundant databases.

A video highlighting Budge’s use of the AccellosOne Warehouse Management System (WMS) can be found at

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Download a PDF of the Full Case Study

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