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Key Benefits

“All we have to do is press a button to generate a delivery ticket and an invoice. The accuracy is incredible. No more double checking anything.”
- Mike Crespo


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All American, the third largest container company in the U.S., has been supplying glass, plastic, and metal containers to the world for more than 40 years. With headquarters in Miami and 11 warehouses located strategically throughout the U.S., All American serves customers in more than 50 countries.

Finding the Right Solution
When Mike Crespo joined All American Containers in 2006 as IT monitor, the company’s management team issued him a crystal clear directive: find us a better warehouse management system that worked with All American’s legacy ERP. He was familiar with Accellos from his previous job and felt certain that AccellosOne WMS would integrate well with All American’s legacy ERP.

He was right. Eight years later, he still believes that AccellosOne WMS was the “better” solution that All American needed.

Implementing the System
In 2007, All American implemented AccellosOne WMS in two warehouses. “The implementation could not have gone more smoothly and training was minimal,” says Mike Crespo, IT Monitor. “It was as simple as saying, ‘Look, here’s a handheld, these are the buttons you press, this is how you’re going to pick an order, and this is the screen you’ll see to track inventory.’ It’s really been a no-brainer. Set up the company, set up the wireless, set up the handhelds,and we were good to go.”

Once the two systems were up and running, All American got the company wide results it was seeking:

  • Increased productivity
  • Faster fulfillment
  • Fewer errors
  • Accurate counts
  • Greater flexibility

Read the Full Case Study

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