AccellosOne WMS for 3PL

The Facts on AccellosOne WMS for 3PL

The 3PL industry is a dynamic environment with varying degrees of complexity caused by multiple clients operating in a single facility – each with its own unique set of rules. AccellosOne WMS for 3PL strikes the perfect balance of customer satisfaction, employee fulfillment and shareholder value, delivering greater profitability and rapid return on investment for our customers and accelerated logistics and warehousing services for the clients they serve.

With AccellosOne WMS for 3PL You Can:

  • Provide the highest level of customer service at the lowest possible cost
  • Reduce your labor costs and know the contribution of each customer and employee
  • Bill and track every penny, of every contract, for every billable activity, every time
  • Provide repeatable, predictable service with 100% customer compliance that can be unique for each customer
  • Control your client’s inventory with a feature rich, world class Warehouse Management Core
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Retail Compliance

Retail Compliance

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