Mastering Retail Compliance Requirements

10 Tips for Avoiding Costly Mistakes

 A best practices guide for small & medium sized companies


Master retail compliance requirements and learn how to avoid common non-compliance issues reported by suppliers:

  • UPC codes, Pedigrees, serial numbers or Lot IDs are not properly traced or embedded in product labels
  • An order was delivered outside of the required delivery window (too early or too late)
  • Packages were shipped with the wrong inner and outer pack quantities
  • The label was not applied on the proper geography on the shipping container
  • Packages were shipped without the required packing slip format
  • The retailer specific GS1 barcode label was missing required data or could not be scanned
  • The Advance Ship Notice document (856) was incorrect, incomplete or was not received before the delivery arrived at a retailer’s dock door
  • and many more!
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Retail Compliance

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