Considerations for the Midsize Company C-Suite

This whitepaper outlines how the different executives think about features, functionality, and cost for a WMS

Whether or not the selection team leverages a mediator to manage the differences, there are steps that the team should take to ensure that the process is objective:

  • Identify the success criteria: what are the key business objectives that the company is looking to achieve through the implementation of the system?
  • Find the common ground: there are likely many items (e.g. customer service improvements, competitive differentiation) that all groups will agree on and highlighting these areas in the success criteria will be a big step towards establishing the objective selection criteria.
  • Weight the decision criteria on what will drive the most net business value for the organization. All criteria are not created equal. Assigning value to each is a key step in reconciling differences between stakeholders.
  • Develop a holistic business case that takes into account the deļ¬ned success criteria and the associated value to the business.
  • Tackle the above items before the evaluation process begins and before meeting with prospective vendors.
  • Avoid having one department drive the decision process alone. Each stakeholder group must be represented through a strong voice.

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