Accellos Welcomes Shamrock Trucking LLC

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Shamrock Trucking LLC purchased Accellos’ Prophesy trucking software in June to support its business’ most critical transporation needs.

Shamrock Trucking LLC provides quality trucking services tailored to meet the unique demands of each individual customer.

Founder John Finnegan began the company in 2001, and it took more than just plain luck to get the business where it is today. Through strong work ethic and dedication to customer service, Shamrock Trucking transformed from a one-truck operation to a fleet with multiple terminals in the Northeast and nationwide service. As the company continues to grow, Accellos’ Prophesy trucking software will enable Shamrock Trucking to manage customers’ increasing demands, without sacrificing a surplus of internal funds to do so.

Welcome Aboard!

Visit Shamrock Trucking LLC online to learn more.