Did you know? Accellos One Collect for GP integrates with GP Manufacturing

Are you still using InTouch? Have you been waiting eagerly for the manufacturing modules in Collect for GP? Your wait is over! Previously only available with the InTouch product line, integration to GP manufacturing is now available in Collect for GP with even more features. Two new terminal transactions have been added to automate the Dynamics GP manufacturing processes.

Accellos One Collect for GP Collars Costs and Inefficiencies at Planet Dog Warehouse

Picture two young guys doodling up business plans on cocktail napkins and probing their imaginations for a bell-ringer. If you’re guessing Silicon Valley, guess again. It was Portland, Maine, in 1997, and Alex Fisher and Stew Maloney were evolving a concept for the pet industry modeled on the approach of New England yogurt-maker Stonyfield Farm – a commercial enterprise with a socially conscious dimension.