New Accellos White Paper for 3PL Operators: Avoiding the Pitfalls of Software Selection

Accellos is pleased to announce the release of a new white paper, “Avoiding the Pitfalls of Software Selection.” The paper, authored by Accellos Regional Sales Manager John Brutin, discusses a variety of insightful points for holding constructive dialog with vendors and consultants, selecting the solution that best suits your specific operation, and the hidden yet potentially disastrous costs of choosing the wrong solution.

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With Accellos One 3PL as its Software Platform, ITS Logistics Mounts Successful Assault on Outdoor Sports Market

A few years into their 3PL enterprise, the partners in ITS Logistics reexamined their business plan and decided to expand in a new direction. The review had concluded that there were an abundance of broad-based 3PLs located around Northwest Nevada and that if ITS were to focus on a specific market segment, their mid-sized commercial warehousing and transportation operations might well experience a new burst of energy. It did — and it did…

Green 3PL Strategies

How can 3PLs leverage green strategies to make their business more efficient, and win customer support? There’s an interesting discussion underway over at, a site dedicated to trends and developments in the Third Party Logistics arena. And so Team Accellos is curious…  Is your 3PL currently implementing new methods of going green?  If so, please… Read more »

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Prophesy Transport goes viral with new web overview

Take a peek at our new 2 minute video overview outlining the benefits of Prophesy Transport!  (Formerly known as Accellos One Transport) Prophesy Transport Overview Prophesy Transport – The Industry’s True TMS Solution. No matter where you fit in the transportation scene, Prophesy Transport by Accellos equips you to execute faster, better and more reliably while… Read more »

Accellos General Manager Profile: Joe E. Couto

The Accellos General Manager Profile Series is a series of informative articles sharing a glimpse of the stories behind the talented individuals leading the product teams here at Accellos. In this fifth installment, we introduce Accellos General Manager Joe Couto, who came to Accellos in 2006 and now oversees its 3PL business unit.

Where in the World is Accellos: August 2011 Events

Catch up with Accellos in Newark, Toronto, Chicago, San Francisco and Atlanta this August.

Accellos participates in various events throughout the year. This August, Accellos will travel to cities across North America to discuss important features and benefits of the Accellos products. During the Visions 2011 roadshow, Accellos will first stop in Newark, New Jersey, followed by Toronto, Ontario, Chicago, Illinois, San Francisco, California and Atlanta, Georgia. Please click on the website links below to learn more about the each of roadshow stops.