Accellos One Transport now supports miscellaneous expenses fully integrated with the payables department!

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Accuracy is key in keeping administrative costs low and your company
running efficiently.  Accellos One Transport now allows miscellaneous
expenses to be approved in the payables department and exported to your
accounting software.

This powerful new integration allows for a collaborative work-flow
beginning with a single point of data entry, processing work-flow, and
direct export to your accounting software.  By removing common data entry
mistakes like duplicate entries, keying entries, and payments to the wrong
parties you increase efficiencies and reduce expenses.  Further, increased
collaboration and automated work-flows keep the right people involved, and
gives you greater throughput on processing expenses.

This feature gives you accurate data, enhanced efficiencies, and most
importantly visibility into your costs exactly where you need it in your
accounting and Accellos One Transport systems.

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