Customer Support Feedback from Accellos ProphesySeries Customer Kennedy Brothers, Inc.

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Here is a note we recently received from Accellos ProphesySeries customer Kennedy Brothers, Inc., regarding their most recent experience with ProphesySeries’ Customer Support department!

I just wanted to take the time to say that I had one of the best customer service experiences of my life today. I realize that we pay a maintenance fee for your service but your support people such as Duane make it a real value. Duane went above and beyond in helping us and that is just rare in this world today and truly appreciated.

Thank you,

Eric Houston
Kennedy Brothers Trucking

We would like to thank Eric for his kind words, as well as everyone else at Kennedy Brothers, Inc. for their never failing support and customer loyalty. We are very happy to hear that you had such a great experience with our support team!

We also would like to thank Duane Couture for his strong commitment to customer service and support. Nice job!

Kennedy Brothers, Inc. is a family-owned, over-the-road trucking and brokerage company hauling fresh and frozen poultry that is located in Pink Hill, North Carolina and was founded in 1999 by brothers Tim and Tony Kennedy.  Click here to hear more about Kennedy Brothers, Inc.’s experience with Prophesy Software by Accellos.

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