Is your pricing strategy killing your bottom line?

In today’s competitive retail market, home goods store owners and managers are constantly looking for new and innovative ways to approach pricing. There are many methods for achieving this, but times have changed and it is important to know which methods work. PROFITsystems has been working with home furnishings retailers for many years, helping them… Read more »

Netsuite/Accellos Webinar: Warehouse Management Software in the Cloud for Distributors

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“Warehouse Management Software in the Cloud for Distributors” is a one hour-long webinar issued by SuiteApp Live as part of their webinar series. Guest speakers for the webinar are Nick Vanderheyden, Accellos’ Product Marketing Manager and Zubair Amla, Accellos’ Senior Sales Engineer. During this webinar, the team covers the uses, features, and benefits of AccellosOne… Read more »

Nov. 13th Webinar: Warehouse Management Software in the Cloud


You’re invited to learn how Accellos’ Cloud-based customers are doubling their sales by improving their Key Account vendor scorecards and winning new B2C customers through elite service, without increasing clerical and warehouse operational staffing levels. This Cloud-based WMS integrates in real-time with NetSuite and allows you to increase inventory visibility, optimize workflows, and more effectively manage your labor and space with dashboard analytics and built-in key performance indicators (KPIs).

Webinar Recording: An Introduction to EDI for Prophesy Dispatch

Watch the recorded EDI for Prophesy Dispatch webinar anytime, anywhere. On Wednesday, October 9th, Kevin Pasternack of Prophesy Transportation Solutions and Dan Wancura of Embassy Software hosted an informative webinar on EDI for Prophesy Dispatch. It was explained that many transportation operations are required to use EDI. The Prophesy EDI module seamlessly integrates to your… Read more »

Oct. 9th Webinar: An Introduction to EDI for Prophesy Dispatch

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Could your Transportation Company achieve greater success with the benefits an EDI solution? Today, many transportation operations are required to use EDI. The EDI module seamlessly integrates to your Prophesy Dispatch software, allowing you to perform all transportation related EDI transactions directly from within Prophesy Dispatch. Join us on October 9th at 3pm EST to learn about… Read more »

Webinar Recording: Voice Picking for AccellosOne

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Watch the recorded Voice Picking webinar at any time, any where! On Wednesday, June 26th, Accellos hosted a joint webinar with Vitech Business Group, Inc. on the Voice solution that integrates directly to AccellosOne. Richard Stewart, Vitech Principle, led the webcast and explained all of the benefits of adding voice to any operation. Missed the live… Read more »

Webinar Recording: AccellosOne EDI for Microsoft Dynamics GP

Watch the recorded webinar at your convenience; any time, any where. On Wednesday, June 5th, Accellos’ very own Michael Gross hosted the first webinar in the new series about AccellosOne EDI for Microsoft Dynamics® GP. This webinar focused on all of the benefits of Accellos’ powerful EDI solution. Missed the live presentation?  Don’t worry, you… Read more »

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