Omnichannel Sports Apparel Distributor Agron Improves Warehouse Efficiency

In today’s e-commerce-driven retail supply chain, the pressure to accelerate fulfillment while also improving customer service has traditional warehouses in a vice. Manual processes and isolated data sources are significant threats to competitive viability, not to mention impediments to growth. For many, there is little choice but to revamp and expand. Successful distributors are leveraging… Read more »

PROFITsystems Welcomes 7 Home Furnishings Retailers

Aladdin Home Store is located in Marble Falls TX. Right away, they’re taking advantage of PROFITsystems‘ cloud solutions and barcoding to gain efficiencies. Owner, Tom, quickly recognized the value that RETAILvantage will bring to his business through improved inventory management and business intelligence reporting. He is also working with PROFITsystems business consultant David McMahon to improve processes.  Welcome aboard! Visit their website at…. Read more »

Prophesy & TruckersB2B Launch OnDemand to Member Base

Prophesy Transportation Solutions, Inc. (an Accellos division), provider of trucking and logistics software solutions to the transportation industry, and TruckersB2B a business-to business membership program that provides discounts to small and medium-sized trucking companies, have joined forces to launch the new Prophesy OnDemand solution to their growing membership base at a discounted rate.

Prophesy Dispatch Compatibility with New Version of PC*Miler Announced

Integration of Prophesy Dispatch and PC*Miler allows users to take advantage of PC*Miler options including driving methods, toll road avoidance, hazmat considerations and more

BLOOMFIELD, Connecticut – June 28, 2011 – Prophesy Transportation Solutions, Inc. announced today that its industry leading Prophesy Dispatch transportation management system is fully compatible with ALK Technologies’ newly released PC*Miler Version 25. [More...]

Prophesy users have the ability to interface their Prophesy Dispatch system with PC*Miler to calculate mileage and generate routes for trips as well as for rating and reporting purposes. The system can be configured to use PC*Miler’s “national”, “practical”, and “shortest distance” driving methods and takes advantage of PC*Miler’s various other options such as toll road avoidance and hazmat considerations.

Through its partnership with ALK Technologies, Prophesy is able to offer special pricing on PC*Miler as well as the convenience of a single point of purchase for both Prophesy Dispatch and PC*Miler.

“The integration between Prophesy Dispatch and PC*Miler adds a great deal of value to both solutions,” said Prophesy Vice President Bill Ashburn. “Our relationship with ALK Technologies allows us to not only give our users full rein of PC*Miler’s capabilities directly from their Prophesy Dispatch interface, but also to offer this powerful solution to our users at a significantly discounted rate in a convenient one-stop shop. We are excited to have been a longtime partner of ALK and look forward to working together long into the future.

In addition to PC*Miler, Prophesy Dispatch interfaces with Prophesy’s own commercial mileage, routing and mapping solution, Prophesy Mileage & Routing.

For more information, call 800-776-6706 or email

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