Accellos Welcomes Hartwick & Hand, Inc.

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Hartwick & Hand purchased Accellos’ Prophesy Dispatch in September of 2014. Hartwick & Hand, Inc. is an interstate carrier located in Victorville, CA that runs a total of 65 company owned trucks with a total of 60 company drivers. Prophesy Trucking Dispatch Software makes Fleet Management easy. Prophesy Dispatch software is the central solution for… Read more »

Accellos Welcomes Marubeni Transport Service Corp.

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Marubeni Transport Service purchased AccellosOne Optimize in September of 2014. Marubeni Transport Service Corp was set up in Long Beach, California in 1986 as part of an ongoing effort to develop Marubeni Group’s worldwide transportation system. Optimize utilizes state of the art optimization algorithms to produce loads and routes that balance profi tability and customer… Read more »

Accellos Welcomes Lincoln Trucking Company

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Lincoln Trucking Company purchased Accellos’ Prophesy Dispatch with integration to Quickbooks® in October of 2014. Lincoln Trucking Company is a trucking and brokerage that runs PeopleNet, so Prophesy was the perfect fit. Lincoln Trucking Company is headquartered in Lincoln, Nebraska but runs two offices. Welcome aboard!

Accellos Welcomes Synergy Worldwide, LLC

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Synergy Worldwide purchased Accellos’ Prophesy Dispatch with integrate to QuickBooks in September of 2014. Synergy Worldwide, LLC is located in Medina, Ohio and offer specialized services such as produce shipments, nursery stock shipments, refrigerated, dry van, flatbed, intermodal and more. Prophesy creates an environment where efficiency is standard and profit is automatic. Whether you are… Read more »

Trucking Conditions Index Moves Higher- TruckingInfo


According to a recent article released by TruckingInfo, FTR’s Trucking Conditions Index demonstrated positive movement for the month of June. After below-average readings were released in both April and May, this was a notable increase. The index rose 1.9 points since May, and reached a total of 7.64. According to the freight forecasting firm, this could… Read more »

Accellos releases Prophesy Dispatch Case Study on EJ Stutzman, Inc.

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EJ Stutzman, Inc. is a family-owned, flatbed company that has been able to save time and service its customers more efficiently since implementing Prophesy Dispatch. They no longer bill customers or handle driver files manually. Instead, they do almost all of their paperwork online, which has eliminated waste and reduced room for error. Overall, the company has been very pleased with the results since implementation.

Trucking Adds 3,300 Jobs in June as Unemployment Rate Declines to 6.1% -Transport Topics

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According to recent statistics released by the Labor Department, trucking has added 3,300 jobs throughout the month of June. This is contributing to the overall decline in unemployment that began six months prior. In June alone, 288,000 jobs were added throughout the United States which exceeded economists’ forecasts.   This decline in unemployment is spreading… Read more »

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