How your 3PL Company Can Benefit From Attending Visions 2014

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Has your 3PL company considered attending Accellos’ upcoming user conference?

 This September 14th through 16th, Accellos will host the 4th Annual Visions User Conference in Denver, CO. This conference will be packed with customer testimonials, product demonstrations, and training sessions to ensure that you are getting the most out of your Accellos products. This event will take place at the Grand Hyatt Denver.

 Why a 3PL Should Attend Visions 2014:

  1. Customer Networking and Learning – Mingle with other AccellosOne Enterprise 3PL customers! Here, you will be able to chat with fellow customers to gain additional insight on how they are leveraging the capabilities of their solutions and utilizing additional modules. You can also share advice on solutions that you’re using within your company and build strong connections for future reference.
  2. Product Roadmap - See what Accellos is planning for the near future! Learn more about the benefits of new versions and modules that Accellos has in the product pipeline. There will be additional chances to hear about Platform 3.0 and AccellosOne Enterprise 3PL 4.0 as well as the upcoming 4.1 release in 2015.
  3. Feedback - Speak with executives and Accellos employees to give your own personal feedback. Training sessions will teach you new ways to achieve what you’re hoping to with the system and allow you to give your own input.

Click here for a peek at agenda information and access to online registration:

Hope to see you there!