Accellos Welcomes MAS Industries

Accellos would like to welcome aboard MAS industries! This company purchased Accellos EDI this past June to increase the speed and accuracy of their order processing.


MAS Industries is a unique company that offers a full line of chassis parts and control arms. They also carry products for all Asian, European and North American vehicles. To help their customers find the products that they need, they offer a thorough catalogue that is easy to navigate. Additionally, they have created a part numbering system which helps classify each part type and brand.


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Accellos Welcomes Red Hot Logistics

Red Hot Logistics recently purchased Prophesy QuickBooks to simplify and streamline the functions of both their dispatch and accounting departments.


This company is a logistics service provider for a wide variety of businesses. They focus primarily on working with companies in the construction, aerospace, and environmental industries. Their services help these businesses to accomplish tasks more quickly and cost efficiently.

Red Hot Logistics is also a company that strongly believes in giving back. Company employees stay involved with volunteer work, and they have also given monetary donations to their local food banks.


Welcome aboard to this fantastic company!


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Accellos Welcomes Logan Express

This past June, Logan Express purchased Prophesy transportation software to help simplify dispatch functions, effectively quote rates and improve their overall customer service.


Logan Express is a trucking company that is located in Lima, Ohio. It has been in operation for 5 years and will continue providing trucking services to the Ohio area in upcoming years.


Welcome aboard!


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Accellos Welcomes Convoy of Hope

Accellos would like to welcome aboard Convoy of Hope! This organization purchased Accellos’ warehouse management software to help automate their warehouse functions and fulfill orders more cost effectively.


Since 1994, this amazing organization has served more than 65 million impoverished, hungry, or hurting individuals. They work through churches, businesses, and other nonprofits to give back to these people in need. Convoy of Hope helps people from all around the world by providing them with mentors, nutritious meals, farming equipment and more. This faith-based organization hopes to bring help and hope to more people in years to come.


Welcome aboard!


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Trucking Conditions Index Moves Higher- TruckingInfo

According to a recent article released by TruckingInfo, FTR’s Trucking Conditions Index demonstrated positive movement for the month of June. After below-average readings were released in both April and May, this was a notable increase. The index rose 1.9 points since May, and reached a total of 7.64. According to the freight forecasting firm, this could mean that carriers are gaining market power but that rates are struggling to keep up with cost inflation.


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Accellos to Participate in 2014 RWTA

Delegates to address needs and issues confronting the Australian Cold Chain

Accellos is happy to announce that we will participate in the 2014 RWTA National Conference and Exhibition held by The Refrigerated Warehouse and Transport Association of Australia Ltd. This event will take place from August 20-22, 2014 at the Pullman Cairns International hotel.

The conference provides a forum for discussion and resolution of the issues faced by the Australian Cold Chain. This event is a great networking opportunity for all involved.

Also in attendance at The 2014 RWTA Conference will be key players in the Australian Cold Chain, representing manufacturers and processors of temperature controlled foodstuffs, cold store operators, refrigerated transport operators, and product and service providers. Senior representatives from the Global Cold Chain Alliance out of the USA and senior representatives from international companies will be in attendance.

Major Australian companies that will be represented include Accellos clients Swire Cold Storage and Rand Refrigerated Logistics as well as Accellos partner Vocollect.

Accellos’ very own Managing Director of International Sales, John Brutin, can be found at Stand #1 throughout the conference. If you’re in the area, don’t forget to visit and learn more about Accellos’ 3PL solutions.

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Accellos Welcomes AKDO Intertrade, Inc.

This past July, ADKO Intertrade Inc. purchased Accellos’ warehouse management software to automate warehousing functions, shorten order fulfillment times, and become more cost effective.


AKDO Intertrade is a company that specializes in the sale of natural stone slabs, tiles and mosaics. They utilize resources from around the world and own natural stone factories in Europe. Throughout their 20 years of operation, they have expanded upon their products offered and now sell porcelain tile and semi-precious stones. Their products are only sold through retail and architectural showrooms.


Accellos is happy to welcome this company into its family of users!


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Accellos Welcomes Leatherman Tool Group, Inc.

Leatherman Tool Group, Inc. recently purchased Accellos EDI to help improve the speed and accuracy with which they exchange data. 

This company was established in Portland, Oregon in 1983. It all started when founder Tim Leatherman came up with the idea for a multipurpose tool that he patented and began selling. From there on, the company became incorporated and expanded to sell a multitude of other products. These products include knives, multi-tools, pocket-tools and other accessories.


Accellos is happy to welcome this company into its family of users! 

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Accellos Welcomes Cardenas Trucking, Inc.

Cardenas Trucking, Inc. recently purchased Prophesy transportation software to help simplify their dispatch functions and handle billings more efficiently.


This trucking company is located in Bedford Park, IL, where they operate around 30 power units. They ship machinery and building materials as well as logs, beams and more. Cardenas Trucking, Inc. has helped many of their customers to ship their cargo safely.


Welcome aboard to this fantastic company!


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Slash Shipping Costs and Drop-Ship with Ease – WMS Webinar

Don’t miss part two of Accellos’ Optimize for Tomorrow Webinar Series on August 13.  

Few things keep a customer happy like fast shipping at a low cost.  Now with AccellosOne Ship it is easy to keep your customers happy while saving your business money.  Over half of Accellos customers are now actively shipping to dotcom retailers and e-tailers such as,,, and many more.  In this webinar Accellos’ own Jackson Bilbrey will be talking about drop-shipping, and how it is becoming a dominant force in the distribution world.  With drop-shipping changing the face of distribution models, AccellosOne Ship is there to help you handle the stringent shipping requirements, save time and labor, and ensure compliance with customers. 

Register Here

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