T.C. Trading Company, Inc. and Accellos Provide Unique Services for Ship Provisioning

Accellos has issued a case study of T.C. Trading Company, Inc. This case study describes how T.C. Trading Company uses AccellosOne Enterprise 3PL Warehouse Management System (WMS) to provide seasonal distribution services from facilities in the port community of Blaine, Washington.

As a growing traditional public warehouse 3PL, T.C. Trading Company, Inc. sought to expand their business and launched a ship provisioning business in 1996.  Ship provisioning is the service of providing vast amounts of food and other items, including perishables, herbs and spices, alcohol, and nonperishable supplies, for consumption and reserve in cruise ships for thousands of passengers and crew for an extended voyage.  By 2011, the ship provisioning business had steadily grown, which drove the need for automated warehouse management including catch weight tracking.

AccellosOne Enterprise 3PL provided the logistics software platform that keeps the provisioning process on course, from receiving vendor shipments at the warehouse doors, to the consolidation of the orders into cost-effective loads, to the billing information to the cruise ship suppliers. The software has enabled the company to accommodate business requirements faster, and to virtually eliminate errors in both the servicing of ships and the 3PL warehousing.

T.C. Trading Company went live using AccellosOne Enterprise 3PL in 2012 and has since experienced the following benefits:

  • Greater staffing flexibility
  • Expedited cruise ship provisioning
  • Concurrent government/commercial services
  • Coordinated international shipping management
  • Simplified bonding procedure
  • Centralized cold/ambient storage control
  • Fast, easy transition to Accellos system
  • Real-time inventory management
  • Increased productivity – e.g. pick by weight
  • RF/wireless operations management
  • Electronic document production
  • Exceptional software flexibility, adaptability.

“Our customer profile continues to evolve but our emphasis on accommodating each one remains our priority. We store and we ship – it’s what we do – and we go out of our way to do it how our customers want it done. AccellosOne Enterprise 3PL is indispensable to that effort,” said Phillip Hayes, Operations Manager, T.C. Trading Company, Inc.

“AccellosOne Enterprise 3PL has changed our company and how we conduct our business in major ways,” Phillip adds. “It is difficult to be in the 3PL business and not have the right software and we are satisfied that whatever our requirements, Accellos has a way to make them work.”

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Accellos Welcomes Albatros Media a.s.

Albatros Media a.s. purchased Accellos’ Warehouse Management System (WMS) in March to automate many of their warehousing processes and to shorten order fulfillment times.


This company has been in operation for 64 years and has managed to become the largest publishing house in the Czech Republic. They produce upwards of 1,000 new titles per year, including both fiction and non fiction books for people of all ages. The business is rapidly expanding and is now finding success in the Slovak Republic as well.

 Welcome aboard!

To learn more about this company, visit their website: http://www.albatrosmedia.cz/en/.



ROI Checkpoint 1 of 3 in Warehouse Management: Inventory Control

Inventory Control

For a WMS, all gains start at Inventory Control.  The premise being that the physical inventory is located where the system says it is.  The company wants a system to ensure at the bin level inventory levels achieve 98.9% or greater accuracy.  Therefore, the system must have the following features:

  • Online/Real Time data management using radio frequency based devices and scanning in order to collect the inventory/location data when confirmed by the user
  • Real Time reporting of the transactions and location inventory values
  • Cycle Counting to continuously count the inventory to measure the accuracy of the location inventory and make adjustments to the inventory given errors occur.    

Given the overall budget for the warehouse, bin levels that reach 99% accuracy can have up to a 3% return on investment.  The main areas impacted will be picking and packing orders.  If the inventory is where it should be, pickers are apt not to lose productivity hunting down inventory for the order, and packers typically and checking/packing more accurately picked orders.  Highly accurate locations typically results in the company foregoing an annual physical inventory, saving on non-productive wages and operational overhead. 

CHECK POINT: Inventory Control does not constitute a true WMS

Inventory control can be provided by automated data collect systems so beware of ADC vendors branding as WMS providers.  Further, understand that these systems are often overlays of the ERP database and can only be as responsive as the ERP.  Latency, or unresponsiveness HURTS any gains made in inventory accuracy.  Also, ensure the solution has cycle counting capabilities.  Without it, you lack real inventory control.  

To learn more about AccellosOne Warehouse Management System, click here.

Agency extends CDL skills test waiver for former military members -Overdrive Online

According to a recent article released by Overdrive, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has announced a new waiver for former military members. These members that operated commercial-type vehicles in the service are now exempt from taking a CDL skills test for one year following their departure from the military. This is an extension from the previously granted 90 day exemption that was passed in 2011. 

The agency has also spent over $1 million on six driving schools that will help train former military members to become truck drivers.


To read this article, please click here.


To learn more about how Prophesy can help the trucking industry, visit www.mile.com.


Next week, 10 successful home furnishings retailers are meeting in Alaska to help each other improve operations and profitability.  They are members of Kaizen (meaning Never-ending Improvement), one of our performance groups, and come from different parts of the US and Canada, and even as far away as Aruba. 

Besides sightseeing around beautiful Anchorage and taking a cruise along nearby glaciers, these ambitious retail store owners and managers will be hard at work. Here’s what they have planned:

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Accellos Article Featured in Cold Running Newsletter

The most recent edition of “Cold Running” featured an Accellos article that discussed how cloud computing is revolutionizing the world of IT. It went on to discuss both the positive and negative sides of this new technology, and how companies are finding ways to keep their information secure. On one hand, cloud computing is giving both small and large businesses access to resources that were otherwise unattainable. This technology allows business owners to access resources hosted by companies such as AWS and Azure at affordable prices. Depending on the demand placed on a company, resources can easily be scaled up or down.

However, with new technology comes new challenges for business owners. The article discusses how, overall, cyber threats are a growing concern for everyone, and details out how Cloud solutions are addressing those concerns.

So how exactly can a company protect themselves from these attacks? According to the article, there are many ways that companies are combating this issue. First and foremost, cloud vendors are making sure that their equipment is physically secure. They are taking advantage of data centers that are locked down and monitored to keep away intruders. Additionally, they are incorporating security mechanisms right into the network itself. For example, many require multifactor identification before users can gain access to the cloud.

The companies that are taking these precautions are realizing the enormous benefits that come along with cloud computing. This new technology has major potential and will take many businesses to the next level, the article concluded.

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Accellos Welcomes Cosmetics Cubed PTY Ltd.

Cosmetics Cubed PTY Ltd. decided to purchase Accellos’ Warehouse Management System (WMS) to help keep up with the high demand for their company’s products. The system enabled them to keep track of inventory in real time and automate many of their warehousing processes. 

Located in Australia and New Zealand, Cosmetics Cubed PTY Ltd. prides itself in providing the most unique and high quality beauty products to its customers. I each of their 40 stores customers can sample different products, receive advice from beauty professionals, and purchase brand name cosmetics. For those people who do not have access to store locations, the company offers online shopping options.

 Welcome aboard!

Click here to learn more about this fantastic company.

HighJump Software Acquires Atlas Products International, Expands Global Trading Partner Network in Europe

HighJump Software has announced the acquisition of Atlas Products International, a United Kingdom-based provider of Software as a Service (SaaS)-based business-to-business (B2B) EDI integration, secure data transfer, and e-invoicing solutions.

Atlas is a market leader in EDI and B2B integration with over 2,200 customers in the UK and Ireland.  At the center of Atlas’ product line is Atlas Exchange, a secure document exchange providing a “connect-once, access-all” network, securely linking retailers, manufacturers, suppliers and logistics service providers.  Atlas B2B integration tools provide transformation and translation of critical business documents on-premise or in the cloud.  Atlas also provides a SaaS-based Supplier Portal that synchronizes the trading network’s product catalogues and streamlines the electronic invoice exchange and settlement between members of the network.

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Trucking Adds 3,300 Jobs in June as Unemployment Rate Declines to 6.1% -Transport Topics

According to recent statistics released by the Labor Department, trucking has added 3,300 jobs throughout the month of June. This is contributing to the overall decline in unemployment that began six months prior. In June alone, 288,000 jobs were added throughout the United States which exceeded economists’ forecasts.


This decline in unemployment is spreading across many different sectors including warehousing and transportation. This sector alone added 16,600 jobs throughout the month of June. Financial economists are feeling very optimistic about the future of the labor market.


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SWK Technologies Closes Software Transaction with Accellos

SWK Technologies, a partner of Accellos, has closed a number of software transactions amounting to over $1,000,000. Included in these transactions was Accellos’ warehouse management system.


SWK Technologies is the ‘go to’ solution for many small businesses seeking software and technology solutions. They have earned an admirable reputation through their quality customer service and top-notch technology. They are very pleased with their recent transactions, and anticipate a successful year’s end.   


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