CML Makes Large WMS Investment

“Warehousing and logistics specialist Core Management Logistics (CML) has invested over £500,000 in a new warehouse management system (WMS) by Canadian firm Accellos as part of a long-term growth strategy.


This will result in CML being able to support its expanding service offering, handle complex integration and offer holistic stock control.

Globally used by many blue chip companies, the Accellos WMS is an ideal solution for CML’s growing customer database. Winning new contracts in the last 18 months with high-profile customers including Halfords, Triumph and Björn Borg, the logistics firm has identified the need to invest in its multichannel capabilities, as well as facilitate its ability to support the growing trend for omni-channel retailing.

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Are you losing on labor?

Labor is a huge expense for 3PL operators, accounting for as much as 70 percent of overall costs. Yet controlling costs is easier said than done. It requires a variety of skills, including accurate forecasting and precise scheduling. It also requires well-defined processes and well-trained employees.

If you are a supply-chain manager operating without any kind of warehouse or labor management solutions, you may be experiencing these challenges:

  • How do we track and make meaningful improvement toward our KPIs?
  • How do we set and enforce attainable, yet ambitious, productivity goals?
  • How can we eliminate idle time that’s eating away at our bottom line?
  • How do we get ahead of day-to-day issues so we’re not always in a reactive mode?
  • How can we standardize our processes and create a culture of continuous improvement?

While these challenges are a fact of life for many 3PLs, they don’t have to be. Learn how integrated warehouse and labor management solutions can not only help you meet your most important key performance indicators (KPIs) but also help you achieve best-in-class performance.

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Leverage Engineered Labor Standards

Leverage Labor Standards

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PROFITsystems Welcomes XLNC Furniture

XLNC FurnitureLocated in Calgary, AB, XLNC Furniture provides great service to their growing clientele. Owner, Sumit, committed early on to PROFITsystems advantages and recently made the decision to move forward with RETAILvantage. Sumit is confident our Purchase Advice system and other retail inventory management tools will immediately help his business grow and become more profitable and will increase his user licenses quickly.

Welcome aboard!

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VIDEO CUSTOMER SUCCESS STORY: How PROFITsystems helped a home furnishings retailer increase profitability

Sixteen years ago, David Meril was taking a trip to Alaska. To cover the cost of gas, he decided to buy beautiful Amish furniture and sell it when he arrived in Anchorage. To his surprise, it didn’t take much more than displaying the handcrafted furniture on a busy intersection to see it sell out in a few hours. Was it a fluke? He questioned it and, after trying it a few more times, he had founded a new business: Treeforms Furniture Gallery.

David managed his growing business with a pen and paper for a while, until he realized he needed a better retail management system if he wanted to scale. After doing his due diligence, he decided to partner with PROFITsystems. A decade later, he’s seen his business increase efficiencies and profitability. 

Here’s their success story:

Common Misconceptions about Getting Started With EDI

Organizations commonly use web forms and supplier portals for viewing orders, which are then manually keyed into their ERP.  Outbound business documents such as Acknowledgements, ASNs and Invoices are keyed in manually.  This approach checks off the compliance requirement with your trading partner but prevents your organization from realizing the full benefits of EDI. 

If your business has been experiencing continued growth (especially with drop-ship vendor programs), and you’re regularly onboarding new trading partners, it may be time for you to automate your EDI and start gaining the full benefits it can deliver to your organization.  An integrated EDI solution strategy will help your team become significantly more efficient, streamline your business processes and workflows, help you stay ahead of compliance changes and avoid chargebacks. Sounds great, right? But you’re probably thinking about how complex, resource-intensive, and time consuming it is to get started with EDI .

In this post, we look at four common misconceptions of what it takes to get started with EDI and debunk these myths with practical strategies for realizing the full benefits of integrated and automated EDI.

EDI is too complex for my business to manage

You may have heard that EDI is highly technical and takes rocket science to implement. Despite this misconception, the “cryptic” formatting of EDI does not need to be interpreted by a human for your organization to do business with trading partners. An integrated EDI solution will manage the translation of your business documents and present transactions in a way that are easy for anyone in your team to manage.

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PROFITsystems Welcomes Ligne Roset Store

Ligne Roset Store 

Olivier had just opened the Ligne Roset store in Washington, DC and knew we handled most of the Ligne Roset stores across the U.S. They are now a well-established company and ready to for the profit-building tools available in RETAILvantage. After seeing the power of the integrated accounting tools offered in PROFITsystems’ Retail Management System, they immediately signed on!

Welcome aboard!

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Accellos Welcomes Northwest Freightway, Inc.

Northwest Freightway, Inc. chooses Prophesy Dispatch to expand on their current functionality.

Northwest Freightway, based in Yuba City, California began looking for a transportation management solution in June of 2014 and purchased the Prophesy Dispatch software solution in August after a live demonstration over the phone and Internet. Northwest Freightway runs 65 trucks, made up of a combination of payroll and owner operators.

Welcome aboard, Northwest Freightway!

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