Common Misconceptions about Getting Started With EDI

Organizations commonly use web forms and supplier portals for viewing orders, which are then manually keyed into their ERP.  Outbound business documents such as Acknowledgements, ASNs and Invoices are keyed in manually.  This approach checks off the compliance requirement with your trading partner but prevents your organization from realizing the full benefits of EDI. 

If your business has been experiencing continued growth (especially with drop-ship vendor programs), and you’re regularly onboarding new trading partners, it may be time for you to automate your EDI and start gaining the full benefits it can deliver to your organization.  An integrated EDI solution strategy will help your team become significantly more efficient, streamline your business processes and workflows, help you stay ahead of compliance changes and avoid chargebacks. Sounds great, right? But you’re probably thinking about how complex, resource-intensive, and time consuming it is to get started with EDI .

In this post, we look at four common misconceptions of what it takes to get started with EDI and debunk these myths with practical strategies for realizing the full benefits of integrated and automated EDI.

EDI is too complex for my business to manage

You may have heard that EDI is highly technical and takes rocket science to implement. Despite this misconception, the “cryptic” formatting of EDI does not need to be interpreted by a human for your organization to do business with trading partners. An integrated EDI solution will manage the translation of your business documents and present transactions in a way that are easy for anyone in your team to manage.

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PROFITsystems Welcomes Ligne Roset Store

Ligne Roset Store 

Olivier had just opened the Ligne Roset store in Washington, DC and knew we handled most of the Ligne Roset stores across the U.S. They are now a well-established company and ready to for the profit-building tools available in RETAILvantage. After seeing the power of the integrated accounting tools offered in PROFITsystems’ Retail Management System, they immediately signed on!

Welcome aboard!

Visit their website at

Accellos Welcomes Northwest Freightway, Inc.

Northwest Freightway, Inc. chooses Prophesy Dispatch to expand on their current functionality.

Northwest Freightway, based in Yuba City, California began looking for a transportation management solution in June of 2014 and purchased the Prophesy Dispatch software solution in August after a live demonstration over the phone and Internet. Northwest Freightway runs 65 trucks, made up of a combination of payroll and owner operators.

Welcome aboard, Northwest Freightway!

And the Accellos Partner of the Quarter award goes to…

swk-logoSWK Technologies – congratulations on being named Accellos Partner of the Quarter 14Q2!


SWK Technologies, Inc., an international provider of transformational business technology solutions and services has been chosen as the Accellos “Partner of the Quarter” for 14Q2.

For several years, SWK and Accellos have worked closely together providing best-of- breed supply-chain solutions to several customers in the Sage market. Recently, strong collaborative efforts and a clear, defined vision by both companies led to a strong second quarter for both SWK Technologies and Accellos.

Of the award, David Horowitz, SWK’s director of WMS solutions stated, “Our team has made an attentive effort to bolster our WMS practice. Accellos’ best-of-breed WMS solution is an important part of SWK’s ability to implement an end-to-end supply chain solution for our customers. Receiving this award shows to our customers, partners, and our team that our hard work to increase the visibility of Accellos in our portfolio of products has been a rousing success.”

Andrew M. Nunez, executive vice president of sales and marketing at SWK added, “We are immensely proud of this recognition from Accellos. We have worked especially hard this year to better focus our attention on this important product line and we are excited to continue growing the practice. As our partnership expands, we hope to maintain our status as the highest performer for Accellos.” 

“The work the SWK team has put in this year and last has made them one of our top WMS sales and implementation partners,” praised Sean Meacham, Accellos’ channel manager. “Their proficiency in warehouse management, Sage integration expertise, and focus on successful projects have made them a go-to resource for our mutual customers. I look forward to working with their team over the coming months and making this a record year!”


About SWK Technologies

SWK Technologies, Inc. ( is an IT consulting company that provides and develops internationally distributed on-premises and cloud solutions, including Sage ERP products, MAPADOC EDI, Acumatica, NetSuite, BeerRun, Nectari, QlikView, AccellosOne WMS, and other business software essentials. Through subsidiary NetUp-IT, SWK provides comprehensive business protection with managed network and business continuity services. SWK is also a Sage Authorized Training Center.



PROFITsystems Welcomes 7 Home Furnishings Retailers

Aladdin Home Store

Aladdin Home Store is located in Marble Falls TX. Right away, they’re taking advantage of PROFITsystemscloud solutions and barcoding to gain efficiencies. Owner, Tom, quickly recognized the value that RETAILvantage will bring to his business through improved inventory management and business intelligence reporting. He is also working with PROFITsystems business consultant David McMahon to improve processes. 

Welcome aboard!

Visit their website at


Jacob's Upholstery and Patio

Jacobs’ Upholstery and Patio has experienced significant growth in their outdoor patio division and needed a more robust Retail Management System to determine best/worst sellers and tighten up inventory control. Their current system lacked tools and wasn’t keeping up with technology advancements, making it difficult for Jacobs’ to compete in their market. 

Welcome aboard and best of luck on your expansion plans!

Visit their website at



E.J. Victor is opening their first retail storefront in New York after focusing on furniture manufacturing for several years. They contacted PROFITsystems to learn how our Retail Management System would address the areas of their greatest concern as they are new to the retail side of the business. With 95% special order drop ships from their own production facilities and a tight timeframe to implement a software solution, RETAILvantage on the cloud seems like the perfect solution for them.

Welcome aboard!

Visit their website at



Carla’s in Centennial, CO was very dissatisfied with their current Retail Management System and its shortcomings. After talking to PROFITsystems, they were immediately able to see the tangible benefits of an industry-specific, fully integrated retail solution.   They will begin with a two user SaaS and move to four users when they go live.  There are very excited about their partnership with PROFITsystems and look forward to benefiting from our industry expertise and exceptional support. 

Welcome aboard! 

Visit their website at




In Freeport, Grand Bahama island, Contractor’s Direct Ltd is a thriving furniture retailer with a new showroom and big plans. They looked at other general Retail POS Systems but were really impressed by the inventory control tools and reports in RETAILvantage.

Welcome aboard!


elegant outdoor living - the finest outdoor furnishings

Elegant Outdoor Living is located in Bonita Springs, FL and has four stores in Ohio and Florida. They quickly realized that RETAILvantage would help them improve their business processes. As a growing business, our cloud solution will save them money and headaches. 

Welcome aboard!

Visit their website at


Goffena Furniture

Goffena Furniture is located in Sidney. OH and had become extremely concerned in recent years with the lack of upgrades and technical support from their current provider. They needed a partner that could meet their growing set of business needs. Goffena was also evaluating another Retail Management Software provider but PROFITsystems‘ responsiveness and dedication made them chose to join our family and cloud solution. Angie and Matt love the tools in RETAILvantage and are anxious to implement several of the new features immediately.

Welcome aboard!

Visit their website at

PROFITsystems Welcomes Borofka’s Furniture

Borofka’s Furniture, welcome to the PROFITsystems family!

Borofka’s Furniture

Located in Woodbury, MN Borofka’s was dissatisfied with the performance of their current Retail Management System. In their search for a partner that would understand that downtime in the real world is detrimental to their business success and provide superior customer support, Borofka’s Furniture decided to migrate to PROFITsystems‘ RETAILvantage and take advantage of our high service quality.

Borofka’s Furniture’s owner is confident that RETAILvantage will surpass their operational needs and help them grow their business.  Borofka’s will be implementing RETAILvantage on the cloud and barcoding right away to gain new efficiencies and more control over their inventory.

Retailer-driven Fulfillment Programs: Increasingly Efficient and Complex

As Amazon has built arguably the most satisfactory online consumer shopping experience, many retailers are following suite and building similar supplier programs.  Since these retail models will likely fall in line with Amazon, and it would take days to break them all down individually, let’s use Amazon as an example.  Anyone with any widget can begin selling on Amazon within 24 hours (  You simply get your account set up, upload products and manage the fulfillment on your own.

A deeper dive will uncover three vendor/supplier tiers to

  • Tier 1 – Vendors sell inventory to Amazon, who stores and ships the items direct from their distribution facilities.  These items have shown consistent selling success, are regularly available, and Amazon chooses to handle the fulfillment due to the continued product demand and trust in the vendor relationship.  These products are all available for Amazon Prime, Amazon’s free two-day shipping program.
  • Tier 2 – This level is for products and/or vendors that haven’t necessarily “proven” themselves yet.  In this arrangement, Amazon stores the inventory at an Amazon DC, but doesn’t own the product.  Essentially this is a consignment relationship where Amazon simply owns the customer service and fulfillment portions of the sale.  These vendors utilize Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA) which has a fee structure associated with pick and pack, weight handling, storage, and shipping activities (granted you receive Amazon’s discounted shipping rates, not your own).
  • Tier 3 – New items and vendors will begin at the third tier which is most commonly referred to as “Drop Ship” or “Direct to Consumer.”  Amazon will not bare the risk of investing in inventory (Tier 1) until products and vendor have proven continued sales and fulfillment success.  In this case, the vendor must utilize an Amazon-branded packing slip and fulfill the orders “as-if” they came directly from Amazon.  Many vendors use Amazon as a store front and drop-ship 40% of what they sell through Amazon.

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Empowering Dynamics AX Users with Embedded EDI

As a Microsoft Certified Partner, Accellos worked closely with Microsoft’s development team to determine the best approach for building our EDI solution for Microsoft Dynamics AX.  Microsoft recommended Accellos’ approach (embedded within Dynamics AX), which centers EDI management directly within Dynamics AX, enhances usability for AX users, and simplifies the technical footprint. 

Accellos’ embedded approach empowers AX business users, who best understand the context of business relationships, to manage time sensitive EDI document exchanges directly within AX where the transactions are ultimately originating.  Accellos’ unique approach also insulates business users from the complexity of EDI with a turnkey solution that is built around native AX functionality and workflows.

Besides the many benefits that come with this unique embedded architecture, including the ability to leverage data within AX and provide a more consistent and scalable EDI solution, embedded EDI also offers much less technical (but equally important) perks to Dynamics AX users themselves.

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