Picking Management for 3PLs

Picking Management For 3PLs

Overview of Picking Management

 A pick line is a special area within a warehouse used to store fast moving product in smaller than pallet-sized units for quick picking.

Before you can pick from a pick line in our best-in-breed 3PL technology platform, the following conditions must be met:

  • you must set up and activate a pick line for the item that you wish to pick
  • the order quantity must be a partial

You can set up your system to perform replenishment automatically or you can manually replenish your pick line through a product relocation. If you activate automatic replenishment, the system will generate one or more replenishments whenever the quantity in the pick line falls below the minimum quantity for the location that you specify. Replenishment occurs during order allocation and is governed by the replenishment parameters that you define.

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How Do I Optimize My Routes?

Optimize Routes

Route Optimization

Like most logistics providers you are constantly looking to maximize the effectiveness of your freight spend by combining load building optimization, scheduling and routing decisions support for least cost shipping.

An enterprise class 3PL solution suite can incorporate state of the art optimization algorithms to produce loads and routes that balance profitability and customer requirements. In order to maximize the return, the system considers multiple solutions to the problem it  is presented – what consolidation options are available, which route consumes the fewest miles, are there pooling opportunities, is it less expensive to ship the freight  on your assets or broker the load to a 3rd party and which 3rd party offers the most cost effective.

Profit Workbench – Profitability Analysis and Tracking For 3PLs

ThinkstockPhotos-527837153Logistics service providers, running multi-client operations  know that generating profit across the entire spectrum of operations can be extremely challenging

In complex operations, escalating costs in certain areas can erode the tight profit margins that third party logistics work hard to maintain. This can impact your overall profitability. Furthermore, ramping up your volume of work will only accelerate your declining profits.

Improving your probability of generating higher profitability is not a pipe dream, it can be done with the right solution in place. 

Profit Workbench is a solution that leverages Operational, Labor, Billing & Financial Data in order to determine profitability by customer with one or many customers in the same facility.

Analyze and Optimize Your Processes!

Monitor, Measure and Manage Your Operations!

Synergize and Synchronize Your Teams!



Outsourced Logistics 101

Integrated Logistics Services

Third Party Logistics


The terminology used to describe outsourced logistics include;

  • Logistics Solution Provider
  • Outsourced Logistics Services
  • Third Party Logistics
  • Contract Logistics Partners
  • Multi-Client Warehouse and Logistics Provider

Logistics can also be defined in terms of ownership of goods and assets such as;

  • 1PL – Owners of the inventory
  • 2PL – For-Hire Carriers (transportation companies) also known as trucking companies
  • 3PL – Logistics service providers with warehousing and logistics operations from simple to complex, value added services. 3PL do not take title or ownership of the inventory
  • 4PL – Lead Logistics Providers (Consultants) or supply chain integrators. They are generally non-asset based companies

Download a resource document for further details on lead logistics providers (4PLs) @ http://bit.ly/1fEScP0

Wave Management for 3PLs

Wave Management

Wave Management

Overview of Wave Management

 Wave Manager is a batch processing tool for orders that allows you to group orders by various criteria such as company code, allocated or unallocated status, flow process, customer, consignee, carrier, warehouse, load type, door, etc. and assign them to waves. You can define a date range for a wave using the ship date or arrive date and you can define a maximum size for a wave by the number of pieces, net or gross weight, cube or estimated number of hours of labor required. When you process a wave using the Run Wave command, our 3PL operations specific solution will allocate any unallocated orders in the wave and print the required number of carrier labels. The type and number of carrier labels printed is based on the order’s pick method.

Wave Management is a module that group orders together to perform the following functions: 

  • Allocate orders
  • Assign staging (Dispatch location)
  • Advance workflow for task creation
  • Assignment of a Wave ID for picking purposes
  • Generation of labels and / or order documents.

Wave Manager supports label picking. With label picking, the 3PL solution generated divider label shows the product’s location and number of cartons to pick, while the solution generated carton label shows the consignee and carrier. The picker uses the divider label to pick the product. When applying the carton label to the picked product, only the first and last label is scanned. Label picking leads to improved speed and accuracy in picking and less sorting of product on the loading dock.

Top Ten Competencies For 3PLs

Innovative Technology Solutions

Innovative Technology Solutions

Specialized, value-added warehousing and logistics operations typically encompass following Top Ten areas of competency;

  1. Client specific workflows for inbound, outbound and inventory control processes
  2. Ability to execute workflows with RF, voice, paper or any combination
  3. Inventory attribute tracking to allow for tracking of specific customer required attributes such as lot, serial, style/color/size, expiration and many others.
  4. Integrated labor management to track the performance of warehouse associates against a pre-defined standard
  5. Appointment scheduling
  6. Cross-docking – planned and opportunistic
  7. Receiving and optimized directed putaway
  8. Inbound value added services by client, product, shipper, receiver
  9. Management of bonded storage
  10. Reverse logistics / returns processing

Download this white paper and judge for youself  @  http://bit.ly/1ObRkMW


Download the following solutions document @ http://bit.ly/1k5rUc1

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How do I scale my eCommerce business?


In this new world of eCommerce, there’s a lot of price pressure and the demands for customer service are increasing rapidly. Consumers want access to product faster and cheaper than ever before. How do you maintain margins so that you can profitably scale your eCommerce business?

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Accelerating Your Differentiators – Warehouse Management Software

Warehouse management differentiators

Third party logistics warehouse management

Complex 3PL Customer Requirements: Meeting the ever changing demands of varying levels of client complexity requirements, within a warehouse environment can be a daunting task for the best of third party logistics service providers.

Outsourced Logistics Risk and Compliance Management: Take the risk out of the complexity of unique customer agreements and compliance enforcing service level agreement – no matter what the requirement.

Solution: Our enterprise-class warehouse management software solution for contract logistics providers has been focused on solving the problems of concurrent client logistics for more than 20 years, by providing;

  • Tools that allow you to control the user experience on either the RF gun or PC, the system automatically ensures that operators comply with the service level agreements with your customers. 
  • Unique, user configurable set of programs designed to address challenges faced by outsourced logistics companies.

Download a subject matter resource here @ http://bit.ly/1k5rUc1

Optimizing Space Managemenet For 3PLs

Space Optimization

Space Optimization

In physics, “space-time” is a well known term that describes how space and time are connected. In public warehousing, space is more directly related to money earned, although time also factors into the equation. For the purpose of this blog, we will limit the conversation to space and money.

Under-utilized or wasted space (inefficiently used cubes) equates to a drain on your revenue and profits. 

3PL operations need systems for planning the layout of their facilities as well as for constructing the shelving and racking,aisle dimensions and other physical characteristics in order to optimize the put-away, storage, retrieval and staging of their clients’ inventory.

A best-of-breed, purpose built 3PL solution provides you with the information in order to optimally manage both your customers’ inventory and increase the profitability of your warehouse operations. 

Delivering A Successful 3PL Solution

3PL solution

3PL specific warehouse management solution

3PL Differentiators

  • Vertical Market Specialization - Team of experts dedicated to the third party logistics industry and its various niche segments such as; Cold and Dry Storage, Food and Beverage, Automotive and Manufacturing, Retail and Omni-Channel, Chemicals, Apparel, Furniture,Cold Chain for Pharmaceuticals and Consumer Packaged Goods.

  • End-use Configurable Workflows - Adaptable to the unique needs of each product, client, end-customer, shipper, receiver and consignee 

  • 3PL Specific Domain Expertise - Laser focused solution suite attuned to the specific needs of multi-tenant, third party outsourced logistics operations

Want more details – download the brochure http://bit.ly/1k5rUc1

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