For many warehouse and shipping businesses, the question has arisen of “what is 3pl?” and how can it help your business? 3pl, or third party logistics, is a way to help create streamlined organization in your warehouse and shipping processes. Third party logistics allows your business to manage all aspects of warehouse operations without straining your economic and personnel resources, instead turning to integrated software applications to decrease administrative and resource investment.

Third party logistics can allow you the freedom to allocate resources as you need without sacrificing the organizational aspects necessary to maintain standards in your shipping processes. What is 3pl? Third party logistics is a way to improve your company’s growth potential.

What is 3pl and who is the best choice for your third party logistics software?

Accellos, a HighJump product, is the best choice for your third party logistics management software. With our AccellosOne Enterprise 3pl applications, you can keep flexible track of your supply chain processes and warehouse management with ease. Electronic, paper, and mobile application options help you choose the methods of flexible integration that work best for you.

At Accellos, a HighJump product, we bring over sixty years of experience with over three thousand clients in over twenty countries to our third party logistics solutions. AccellosOne applications are flexible and designed to be flexibly integrated into your warehouse and shipping operations, with access points by ownership, management, employees, and even clients. At Accellos, a HighJump product, we understand that your small or medium business needs an effective shipping and warehouse management software solution that is affordable and has the components you need to help you grow. You need solutions for your warehousing that give the results sought after by large corporations, but for a price suitable for your smaller-sized business.

Warehouse software that keeps track of inventory and personnel

Our AccellosOne application allows tracking for inventory and shipping as well as personnel. Set standards for employee performance that can be monitored with warehouse monitoring applications and integrate this with your human resources development. Track incoming and outgoing shipments and increase your inventory accuracy by 80 to 85 percent with on-the-spot inventory updates and tracking.

Lost shipments, late stocking, and delays in inventory updates can become a thing of the past. Your clients can even have immediate updates and access to shipments, minimizing wait times and improving customer relations. Even your billing options are clarified and visible, letting you see the expenditure of each cent and plan your costs accordingly. What is 3pl? Third party logistics can help reduce inventory problems and increase your profitability and the expansion of your business. For the best options and answers to all of your questions on what is 3pl software, contact Accellos, a HighJump product, today.