Warehouse Inventory Software Decreases Loss

Every year, billions of dollars are lost to inventory loss in warehouses and in the shipping process. Warehouse inventory software can help reduce and eliminate these losses by providing more efficient processing of goods and more accurate counts and placement of goods in the warehouse setting. Not all inventory warehouse software works for every business, however. A third party shipper is likely to have a completely different set up than a manufacturing distributor. Accellos, a HighJump product, can provide warehouse inventory software solutions to you regardless of your business type. Instead of offering pre-packaged software, Accellos works with you to determine areas of need and works with your growth plans and budget to improve your software systems. Accellos also offers powerful inventory tracking tools that can help you get a grip on where your goods are going to make your warehouse more efficient and more economically stable.

Improve Accuracy And Reduce Loss With Warehouse Management Software

There are numerous reasons that inventory counts and inventory records may not match in a warehouse. These errors, however, can cost you money and cost your clients money so it is critical that supply chain managers get control of the inventory situations in their warehouse and shipping departments. The first and most common error that results in inventory loss is clerical errors or misunderstandings of unit quantities or package labeling. A received or shipped carton is scanned but the worker does not understand that the unit measurement is not the quantity of the item. This sort of error, combined with simple clerical errors, accounts for a large majority of inventory loss. Accellos warehouse inventory software can minimize this by providing easy-scan software modules that clearly tell every employee how many items and cartons are needed. Single-point data entry fixes clerical errors by minimizing the number of data entry points and mistakes for a given inventory item. Accellos can also help minimize other inventory loss causes such as theft by providing clear picking and placement tools and allowing for different levels of employee access into the software. While your dock workers get the information they need to accurately unload the truck, your warehouse manager knows all the details. Our customers typically report an 80-85% reduction in inventory loss, thanks to our software.

Built To Your Needs And Budget

Accellos is built to your needs and your budget. Our consultants work with you to determine what software solutions you require, what plan you need to implement those solutions, and what budget you have to work with. Instead of relying on a pre-packaged software program to solve your inventory issues, trust customized solutions from Accellos warehouse inventory software.

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