When you ARE the supply chain, then organized and efficient third party logistics warehousing is the bread and butter of your business. What is 3PL logistics without accuracy and efficiency, after all? Third party logistics companies specialize in managing the warehousing and shipping needs of multiple clients, all of whom often have diverse needs and requirements of their own.

Because of these special needs and the complexity of dealing with multiple sets of rules and regulations, typical warehouse management software simply won’t work. Typical warehouse software is designed for a one-party system, focusing on distributors who send and receive in only one way. In contrast, a third party logistics warehouse requires multiple tools to be sure that each client’s needs are met efficiently and accurately.

AccellosOne Enterprise, a HighJump product, is software designed specifically for third party logistics warehousing and to meet the needs of multiple clients. With scalable tools created by third party logistics experts, AccellosOne can ensure that your business remains the vital supply chain that it needs to be.

Multiple Clients, Multiple Client Profiles

If you’ve got one company that needs dry and climate-controlled warehousing, and another that needs items repackaged into kits, AccellosOne can keep up with your needs. Multiple clients? No problem. Set up multiple profiles to direct incoming shipments, outgoing shipments, inventory placement, and specific client requirements for their products.

Whether your clients want their goods repackaged in a specific set of boxes or whether you have complex drop shipping rules for their particular business, you can manage each set of information independently and with accuracy. You can even manage docking, appointments, and additional information, all with AccellosOne’s powerful tools. The bottom line is that you need to keep your clients’ needs in mind – and keep them organized. Our software provides the power to enable you to do it.

Third Party Logistics Warehousing With Employee Optimization

If you need to know what your employees are doing, then AccellosOne Enterprise can help. Measure employee metrics and activities against preset standards to optimize employee performance, and reward top performers or spot check issues. With AccellosOne, your employees’ performance is visible, measurable, and addressable.

Better yet, your employees can receive clear directives and information about orders and clients to keep them on task and help them improve their own performance. Minimize work disruptions and clarify communications between your staff – improving their loyalty and satisfaction and your bottom line – all with AccellosOne’s powerful management tools. For the best in third party logistics warehousing software, go with Accellos today.