If you need a third party logistics system to help manage your supply chain and warehouse, you already know that standard warehousing and shipping software doesn’t work for 3pl providers. Trying to manage multiple clients, multiple product types, and multiple rule sets with software designed for single direction distributors simply doesn’t give you the tools you need to make warehousing and shipping efficient as a 3pl provider.

3pl systems require more flexibility, more powerful tools, and more customization than a standard shipping software system offers. AccellosOne, a HighJump product, offers the perfect third party logistics system solutions for your organizational needs. Integrate seamlessly with your existing structure and amp up your ability to manage every aspect of your operation to really let your business grow.

Consistency and Accuracy Can Help Your Business Grow

Without consistency, efficiency, and accuracy, a third party logistics provider is simply lost. Warehouse management software can help you reach these goals, letting you keep your clients happy – no matter how different their needs are. With AccellosOne, you can input client information that helps you more accurately receive, prepare, and send supplies for each client in your roster. Keep notes on shipping regulations that differ for each of your customers and ensure that the right inventory is picked and kitted in the correct manner for other clients. Whatever your clientele’s needs are – AccellosOne lets you input them, share them, and follow them to the letter.

Even your employees can stay on one page, viewing regulations and requirements and optimizing their performance rather than relying on triplicate forms or needing to monitor each shipment to be sure the right rules are followed. With a simple click, your warehouse staff can know every detail they need for each shipment that passes through your doors.

A Third Party Logistics System That Integrates With Existing Platforms

Growing your business is impossible if you have to keep throwing out the old to implement the new. When the programs that work are ones you want to keep, AccellosOne integrates seamlessly with them. If you are already using EDI or accounting software, integrate it with your warehouse software into one seamless package. There’s no need to completely restructure your entire network and software system, no need to confuse your staff and train on completely new systems, and less chance of clerical or data entry error.
With AccellosOne, you can upgrade the power and efficiency of your warehouse without sacrificing the reliability of your former programs. For a third party logistics system that has your needs in mind, look to Accellos today.