Third Party Logistics Providers Need a Customizable 3PL System

Third party logistics providers are valuable companies who offer their customers outsourced logistics services for part or all of their supply chain management functions. As a third part logistic provider, you specialize in integrated operation, warehousing and transportation services that are customized to your customers’ needs and demands. Frequently, your services go beyond simple logistics and include additional services related to the production and procurement of parts of the supply chain. With these multiple services and tasks, you need a warehouse management software that can handle your volume and monitoring of daily business operations.

A third party logistics system is a process which targets particular functions in warehouse management, transportation scheduling and more. Since your services are integrated and bundled together, you need a 3PL system that can also be integrated and customized to meet your requirements, so you have a full end-to-end supply chain 3PL solution management. AccellosOne Enterprise 3PL, a HighJump product, is built specifically for your multi-client or dedicated, dry or temperature-controlled, complex logistics operations.

AccellosOne Enterprise 3PL is built by 3PL experts for 3PL experts. AccellosOne 3PL is designed to increase volumes and employee productivity and keep personnel costs low. It offers precise, real-time inventory information with over 99 percent order accuracy. This allows for 80-85 percent less inventory loss. You also have billing flexibility, allowing you to track every penny from anywhere due to the ability to utilize cloud service and web-based visibility for all customers. Best of all, it is EDI capable, allowing for seamless communications with your other systems.

AccellosOne Enterprise 3PL Serves the Needs of Third Party Logistics Providers

Fifty-six percent of the top 25 North American and 44 percent of the global top 25 refrigerated providers rely on AccellosOne Enterprise 3PL software. Among these third party logistics providers’ services are transportation, warehousing, cross-docking, inventory management, packaging, freight forwarding, courier companies and more. More than 4,000 customers in 24 countries have trusted their supply chain operations to Accellos technology. These customers have achieved improved productivity, improved customer satisfaction and growth. This has helped us to become the leaders in supply chain technologies and 3PL solutions.

It is imperative for you to work with a well-known company who offers simplified integration of a 3PL system, consistent support, the ability to customize the 3PL system based on your demands and more. We are ready, willing and able to help make your complex logistics operations run smoothly. Contact us today for a consultation, and work with Accellos, a HighJump product, for the best solutions for the best third party logistics providers.