If you are in the supply chain business, you have probably heard “what is a third party logistics company anyway?” The answer is simple, but the running of such a company is not. 3rd party logistics involves the presence of an outside company that manages part of the supply chain for any goods. This can involve being an outside warehouse that ships orders to a client’s customers, or a trucking company that manages multiple loads for delivery and pickup from different clients that do not have their own trucking fleet.

What is a third party logistics company? Well, the answer is that they are a vital part of the national commerce supply chain. Without proper organization and communication, these companies cannot function, and without third party companies, trying to get goods around the nation efficiently would be exponentially more difficult at best. Fortunately, there is Accellos, a HighJump product, with its years of experience in designing third party logistics tools to help keep companies, clients, and consumers happy.

What is a Third Party Logistics Company Requirement? Efficiency

Efficiency is a hallmark of a good third party logistics company. With AccellosOne Enterprise, warehousing and supply chain management are efficient like never before. Inventory processing with barcoding and easy data entry becomes more accurate and faster. Orders can be picked or kitted quicker. Shipments can be easily combined, tracked, and moved.

Many warehouses enjoy an eighty to eighty-five percent reduction in inventory loss and an over ninety percent inventory accuracy rate. What does all of this translate to? Clients get their orders more quickly with more accuracy and with less time – and money – taken from your own warehouse. Warehouse management software like AccellosOne is designed to improve efficiency in many aspects. You can choose the software components that are right for your company.

Customer Satisfaction Increased With Clear Communication

Another benefit of AccellosOne warehouse software is clear client communication. Remote logins and automatically updated tracking keep clients apprised of order status, shipping, and delivery times. Don’t rely on phone calls, white boards, e-mails, or triplicate copies of forms when wireless and paperless communication is instantly updated thus reducing clerical and inventory errors. AccellosOne lets your clients keep up to date with all of their orders and shipments without increasing the hassle on your own employees.

Don’t risk client disappointment. Instead of leaving your clients wondering what is a third party logistics company good for, leave them knowing that you are an integral part of the supply chain with AccellosOne software.