Flexibility Is The Key To Supply Chain Management

With an ever changing global economy, supply chain management is also changing. Flexibility is one of the key characteristics that experts qualify will be vital to the growth of transportation and supply chain companies in the coming years. Why flexibility? As commerce changes, increasingly moving to an online venue, consumers expect more options in their goods delivery and clients are looking for new ways to deliver product to their customers and to their stores. As a key component in the supply chain management process, warehouses and distributors must also change to meet this new mode of thought. The right warehouse software can help you meet these new demands and Accellos, a HighJump product, is the perfect solution to bringing flexibility to your operation. With powerful tools customized to your needs, Accellos software is just what you need to update and improve your supply chain process.

Third Party Logistics Solutions That Fit

Third party shippers face a special challenge in warehouse management. With multiple clients, multiple loads, and often trucks that manage more than one load, there are numerous details to keep track of to keep the warehouse and supply chain operating smoothly. Warehouse management software from Accellos has options designed specifically for third party shippers to eliminate the hassle of software that simply isn’t built for a warehouse that requires this much flexibility. Accellos third party shipper software lets you manage multiple clients with multiple directives, communicating easily with your entire warehouse and shipping staff with one simple data entry point. Inventory loss is reduced with customers reporting 80 to 85% less inventory loss as all of your workers can now gain accurate inventory picking and placement with a few simple clicks. You can even manage multiple loads on one truck with ease, making supply chain management simpler and more efficient.

Flexibility Built Tto Your Budget and Specifications

While flexibility in the supply chain process is required, you also need it in your software. Not every company has the same software needs, requires the same software build, or even has the same growth plan and end result in mind. Accellos works with you to establish your areas of need in management solutions and provides you with software to match. Your budget and growth goals are kept in mind, allowing you to expand your programs as needed rather than committing to more software improvements than you’re ready for. Best of all, Accellos integrates easily with existing accounting and business suites to save you time and make your transition simpler. For supply chain management flexibility, there is no better solution than Accellos.

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