Supply Chain Management Software Can Make Your Operation More Efficient

Dynamic changes are underway and supply chain management software can help keep you aware of the newest developments in supply chain fulfillment and warehouse and shipping management. Increasingly, trends point toward an increase in the use of technology in the supply chain process. Whether that is the end client shopping in multiple sources outside of the brick and mortar store or the use of technology to streamline the order and shipping process, technology is certainly a trend that is here to stay and will continue to grow. Fortunately, warehouse management software is an excellent way to actually improve the processing and efficiency of your warehouse operation. Unfortunately, not all software systems are created equal. You need a system that offers powerful tools and flexible options to fit your business model – whether you’re a 3PL provider or a direct from manufacturer shipper. With Accellos, a HighJump product, you get access to supply chain management software that fulfills this need while still allowing your business room for future growth and expansion.

EDI Empowered

EDI, or electronic data transfer, is one of the many technological advances that are changing the supply chain process. EDI allows for the instant transfer and processing of data and paperwork that would typically have to be handled and processed by an employee. Unlike an email attachment or electronic file that still has to be opened and processed by a staff member, EDI allows for two computers, using pre-determined and specialized codes, to communicate directly and perform a function based on that code. Using EDI allows a shipment to be received, the code to be scanned, and an invoice automatically sent, received, and even paid without an employee ever being involved past the unloading of the truck load itself. With EDI capability and our developer’s ability to establish codes that are pertinent to your business, Accellos offers warehouse software that can truly streamline your operation.

Supply Chain Management Software Tailored To You

Unlike a pre-built package of software, Accellos is supply chain software that is tailored to your growth plans, your budget, and your needs. Identify areas of concern and growth and work with our experienced consultants to establish software solutions that will help in those areas. Accellos is modular and expandable so you can start with addressing critical problems and build up to beneficial but less critical systems later. This modularity also allows Accellos to be functional for numerous business types, from the direct shipper to the 3PL manager. For supply chain management software that works for your needs, contact Accellos today.

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