Most employees in your company are already familiar with Microsoft products, so Microsoft EDI integration is an excellent solution for improving the processing of your business transactions. EDI, or electronic data interchange, is a method of computers exchanging information and communication across distances while eliminating the need for human control and input at key junction points in order to streamline the communication and exchange process.

EDI is not a simple process, and many software pieces rely on some knowledge of EDI protocol and various processing formats to reliably exchange data. In contrast, Microsoft programs that provide invoicing, ordering, and other critical business applications, can be outfitted with EDI capability to provide the power of EDI with the comfort and streamlined access of a familiar product. How? AccellosOne, a HighJump product, seamlessly integrates with several Microsoft business platforms to provide your business a comfortable, familiar way to increase efficiency. With AccellosOne, you get Microsoft EDI integration built by experts in warehouse software tools.

The Value of EDI Services

EDI protocols in warehouse management software can greatly simplify and streamline daily activities in business. For example, in traditional ordering an employee may enter a purchase order, send it via e-mail or mail to a company, receive an invoice back, need to process the invoice, and various other steps in between. With EDI, computers generate and send the purchase order, a separate computer returns the invoice, and the only portion your employees touch is the actual shipping and receiving of goods.

In other words, EDI streamlines the entire ordering, purchasing, and business communication process. With AccellosOne, you can choose the protocols and functions you need and have them seamlessly integrated into existing Microsoft systems that your employees are familiar with. This eliminates the need to learn new software systems and allows a level of comfort and familiarity that an entirely separate EDI program may not. Additionally, if you plan to do business as a vendor with the largest retailers, you must have an EDI system in place to work with them.

Microsoft EDI With Mapping and Coding Support

One of the main attributes of EDI that stumps employees and businesses alike is the data transfer protocols and language needed to successfully transmit business transactions electronically so that another computer – instead of another human – can process them. With AccellosOne, you not only gain the familiarity of the Microsoft platforms, but also Accellos support in creating EDI forms and functions. Even if you start with just a few EDI functions, you can expand later to grow your business and streamline further processes as size, pacing, and processing needs demand. For Microsoft EDI that integrates readily into your existing structure, contact Accellos today.