Microsoft Dynamics, EDI integration, and your business can all be happily combined with the development of AccellosOne, a HighJump product that seamlessly integrates EDI technology with your existing Microsoft Dynamics platforms. Microsoft Dynamics is a leading set of business software for customer information, form processing, and business communication, and is likely a program that your supply chain business employees already are familiar with.

EDI, or electronic data interchange, may be a new development for your workers, however. EDI offers many advantages, including efficiency, lowered costs, and streamlined processing. This, coupled with the familiar landscape and versatile power of Microsoft Dynamics via the integration ability of AccellosOne, and your business gains a powerful foothold in modern business communication and management. Microsoft Dynamics EDI integration can quite literally change the way you do business.

How Does Microsoft Dynamics EDI Integration Help Your Company Grow?

Electronic data interchange can streamline your business processes in ways that were previously unimagined. While sending an attachment or email have been old hat for a number of years, EDI is the next wave of computer processing for business needs. With EDI for Microsoft Dynamics, your invoicing, billing, receiving, purchase orders, and many other forms can all be automatically sent, received, and processed by computers. EDI allows forms to be generated, sent and read without human involvement.

Firstly, this eliminates a great deal of processing time and data entry for your employees. Secondly, this eliminates many clerical and data driven errors as – with correct EDI protocols – the software processes the information directly for you. Lastly, you can save money and time on reduction of paperwork, eliminating the bulky mountain of forms that have plagued supply chain businesses for years.

Best of all, AccellosOne provides complete and easy mapping and coding for your EDI protocols and forms, allowing you to get on with the business of meeting your clients’ needs rather than struggling with software. Furthermore, if you are looking to do business with the largest retailers, you will need an EDI system so that your warehouse software can communicate directly with theirs, and you’re using one unified SKU system.

EDI for Microsoft Dynamics keeps your employees comfortable

With AccellosOne, you don’t need to reinvent the wheel. EDI protocols can be seamlessly integrated from AccellosOne into your existing Dynamics programs, be they Dynamics AX or Dynamics GP. This integration serves to allow your employees access to a familiar and comfortable software system with new, streamlined features. There is no lengthy training time or new software to learn, just the power and flexibility of an integrated AccellosOne EDI system with your existing Microsoft Dynamics infrastructure. With Accellos’ expertise and knowledge of warehouse management software and supply chain management’s needs, Microsoft Dynamics EDI integration has never been closer or easier to attain.