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Global experts now realize that logistics management is no longer the sales story of shipping goods from one specific location to another. In today’s market, shipping, transportation, and warehousing are critical to the movement of goods but are more widespread than ever before. Markets now extend globally and the traditional shipping routes of the past have expanded to new cities, new routes, and with new methods of commerce. As a warehousing and transportation operation, you face the challenge of needing solutions to transportation and warehousing dilemmas in this changing world of supply chain management. Warehouse software is one way that you can improve logistics management in your operation. The right software will allow you to keep track of goods, various clients’ information, and can make your operation run more smoothly and efficiently. Not all software, however, is the right software. You need tools that will help you manage multiple clients, multiple loads, that will fit your transportation company’s build, and that will grow with you. Enter Accellos, a HighJump product, a software suite that helps you reach your warehousing goals without busting your budget or your growth plan.

Warehouse Management Software Scaled To Your Needs

With over sixty years of experience in supply chain management, Accellos helps you get control over your warehousing operation by providing you customized, powerful software that can manage multiple orders, clients, and directives. How do we serve the numerous warehouse operations in need of logistics management out there? Whether you are 3PL or a direct from manufacturer shipper, our software can work for you. Our consultants work with you to analyze your operation, develop a list of improvements and needs, and suggest software that will help. Instead of buying a pre-packaged software suite that won’t fit the various types of shipping operations out on the market today, we tailor our software to your needs. You get the solutions you require in the budget you want and with the startup options that minimize your downtime.

Integrate With Your Existing Software

Part of Accellos flexibility comes from easy integration with existing software you already use. Instead of buying all new accounting software, Accellos can mesh with your existing accounting system to keep your operations running smoothly as items transition from the warehouse and move to the billing process. With ERP package integration, you can rely on us to create a software solution that works with what you’ve already built, minimizing the need to rely on a large IT department or to maintain coding and setup on your own. Logistics management in the global era has never been simpler than with Accellos.

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