Logistics and Inventory Management Software

Any understanding of a distribution, manufacturing, or ecommerce/retail business model in today’s world needs to encompass some element of inventory management software.

To begin with, warehouse management software helps coordinate the participants  of your company’s supply chain to makes sure that you are able to effectively manage the entire warehouse and distribution network, ranging from ecommerce/point of sale systems to transportation management. Furthermore, warehouse software allows you to manage your company and your inventory at a glance, making decisions based on production plant management, transportation allowances, and sales metrics across any number of your warehouses and stores.

With this kind of warehouse management software, you can be as hands on or hands off as you choose to be. For example, if your company sells home goods, such as furniture or recreation room supplies, it is a simple matter to make sure that you have everything set up to track the large items. After all, it is easy to know how many pool tables you’ve sold in a week and how many you’ll need to reorder; however, on small items such as darts or poker chips it is far harder to track them on a day-to-day basis.

How Inventory Management Software Helps You Help Your Customers

Furthermore, this type of system can make it incredibly easy for your employees to be able to assist your customers, even if their particular location is out of a certain item. If it is present in a local warehouse, or even in another store, this software allows that agent to arrange the movement of the product within a few clicks. Instead of risking the customer leaving, they can instead let them know that it is being shipped either to the store or right to them, with all the inventory and accounting processes being handled automatically so as to reduce any risk of the item being mislaid or lost.

Finally, one important aspect of any kind of logistics or inventory management software is the element of TMS. TMS, or transportation management software, lets you make sure that all of your products can get to where you need them to be on time without any kind of incident. With a TMS system involved in monitoring the status and location of all of your  merchandise, you can not only keep track of your entire inventory, but you can make sure that your products are moved from site to site on the time table of your choosing.

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