Inventory control is a vital part in managing any warehouse system. Whether you are a manufacturer and distributor or a third party transportation firm responsible for organizing the inventory of several companies, you need powerful tools that can help you accurately and efficiently handle inventory placement and transportation in your warehouse.

With Accellos, a HighJump product, you gain access to flexible and powerful tools that can help you streamline your warehouse management process. Warehouse management software allows you not only to accurately manage inventory, but also employees, time, and paperwork. Processes that once took numerous forms can be automated, and communication can be increased to ensure better inventory accuracy overall. Accellos inventory control software can be tailored to your individual needs, providing just the right tools within your growth plan and your budget.

Third-Party or Direct From Manufacturer Inventory Control

Regardless of the type of supply chain company you run, warehouse software from Accellos can help. Third-party transportation companies have needs that are different from those of manufacturer and direct transportation warehouses. With multiple clients, multiple transportation instructions, and multiple inventory storage needs, third party transportation companies can find inventory software a boon in keeping track of all of the different requirements from clients.

A quick barcode scan gives your warehouse employees all of the information they need to place and pick orders, up to and including specific packing requirements. From the warehouse manager to the dock worker, everyone can be apprised of inventory and shipment needs. Even load changes are easy to manage with all members of the warehouse staff being informed when a load shift has occurred.

Access levels allow your inventory clerks to see precisely what they need, while your warehouse manager gets full access to all of the order details. For direct transportation warehouses, Accellos provides similar, powerful tools to let you keep track of the needs of each order for each client. Best of all, this system typically reduces inventory loss by up to 85% for our clients, bringing your inventory management under control.

Customize Your Software the Way You Need To

Accellos is tiered to meet your needs. A consultation with our professional representatives allows you to identify critical areas of warehouse growth and improvement, and the software tools that can help you more accurately and efficiently manage your inventory. Installation options include onsite and cloud-based solutions for an even more simplified and streamlined roll-out process. From the most elaborate warehouse systems to simple but powerful tools to increase inventory accuracy, Accellos provides the inventory control that you require.